Ultimate History Quiz: 17 Burning Questions About Epcot’s Horizons

Think you remember just about everything there is to know about the former Horizons attraction at Epcot? Put your knowledge to the test below!


Ultimate History Quiz: 17 Burning Questions About Epcot’s Horizons

In Horizon’s queue, which parties were asked to report to the Brava Centauri Departure Console?
The Transcon Starflash departed for Mesa Verde from which concourse?
Which is mentioned as the newest Centauri Space Station?
In the hologram phone conversation between mother and daughter, what kind of fruit do they discuss?
The narrator and his wife have what kind of pet?
Personal robots perform which of the following tasks?
What’s the name of the robot in the desert farming scene?
In the birthday cake baking scene, the words “candles” and “icing” are mistaken for?
Where is the “beach boy boyfriend” studying biology?
What transportation is the “beach boy boyfriend” is planning on taking to the birthday party?
What’s the name of the seal in the kids’ Discovery Dive class?
What underwater plant is mentioned as a new fuel source?
What sport is played in the health scene?
What are the names of boy and the dog that escape gravity?
In the birthday party scene, the boy’s mom announces they made ___ in honor of the occasion.
When Horizons guests chose their own destination to explore, their three choices were:


  • While the “Looking Back at Tomorrow” sequences used varying arrangements of “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” in the city scene where father plays his instrument that you show, it’s a version of the pavilion’s “Horizons” theme.

  • I loved Horizons but did terribly on this quiz. Clearly it needs to be brought back to refresh my memory — and to recapture some of the futurist optimism that once permeated Epcot.

  • Ditto, Jason.

  • I’m with Jason! This was my favorite ride when I was a kid. Unfortunately because we only visited WDW twice when I was a child and Horizons was gone by the time I returned as an adult, I can barely remember any of the details.

  • Yes! I’m in total agreement with Jason, Matthew, and Holly!

  • Make that a 4th agreement with Jason! We need more optimistic futures. Less Hunger Games-ish dystopia, more Star Trek-ish optimism. Where is my big beautiful tomorrow?

  • BRING HORIZONS BACK – pretty please! We need optimistic views of the future like Walt Disney dreamed of!

  • I agree with everyone above! Horizons was a fun and interactive ride that really showed what EPCOT was all about.Surely, the animatronics could be updated and future generations could enjoy all that we loved about this ride!

  • Horizons, World of Motion and the original Journey into Imagination were my favourite EPCOT adventures. Bring those back (along with If You Had Wings at Magic Kingdom) and my world would be complete 🙂

  • I loved Horizons but it’s been so long I only got 9 of 16 right and most of those were educated guesses. Yes, bring it back!

  • BRING BACK HORIZONS … And please make it a classic omnimover, not a motion-sickness-inducing simulator. I want to leave Future World excited about the future again.

  • ” I want to leave Future World excited about the future again.”

    THIS! Bring back the wonder! Oh, and Horizons.

  • So I think one of the questions was slightly misleading…I said ‘flyer’ instead of sunset express. Yes, in the ride, he does say Sunset Express. But then the granddaughter says:

    “Well I hope you’re right. Because you’ve already missed that flyer.”

    Perhaps another choice would be better?

    Anyway, great quiz – thanks for helping us keep the memories alive!

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