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Closer Look at New PANDORA Jewelry Coming to Disney Parks in Fall 2015

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Almost one year ago, we introduced the Disney Parks | PANDORA Jewelry Collection at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. This original collection of hand-finished .925 sterling silver and 14K gold charms were inspired by some of Disney’s most beloved characters. Today, I’m delighted to give you a closer look at new charms coming to select Disney Parks merchandise locations this fall.


From October 29-31, we are having a special release party at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort. I shared some details about this event in a recent article. The image at top shows two limited release charms that will also be found at the event.

The Sparkling Mickey Portrait Head is a sterling silver charm with 37 clear cubic zirconia, 6 micro bead-set and 177 pavé-set black crystals, and black enamel.

The Sparkling Minnie Portrait Head is also a sterling silver charm with 31 clear, 6 micro bead-set, 19 pavé-set red cubic zirconia, 156 pavé-set black crystals, and black enamel. Both of these charms will only be available in select locations until December 31, 2015.

I received additional details about the previously mentioned holiday charms being released that same weekend. The Minnie Sparking Holiday Bow is a polished sterling silver charm containing 69 pavé-set red, and 36 pavé-set, dark green cubic zirconia. The Mickey Holiday Wreath is a sterling silver charm with 8 micro bead and 28 dark green cubic zirconia.


One of my favorite charms was inspired by “Wishes” Nighttime Spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park presented by PANDORA. This sterling silver charm contains black enamel and clear cubic zirconia.


Finally, we will release sterling silver charm with shimmering blue and black enamel celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s “Fantasia.” This charm is limited release and will be available while supplies last.

Both the “Wishes” Nighttime Spectacular and “Fantasia” 75th Anniversary charms will be release in select Disney Parks merchandise locations on November 13.

Guests using the free Shop Disney Parks app will find these two charms starting November 6. See this video article for details about the new app.


  • Where are these Pandora charms exactly sold at Walt Disney World & Disney Springs what are the stores called exactly & do they still & always sell them at the stores they’ve always been sold at

  • Is there any word on when the 2016 charm will be available?

  • I got a cancellation email on the 9th as well. Later in the day I got a call that there was some type of glitch and they still had some left. So happy mine are on their way. I noticed they were available on the shop disney parks app again. Good luck!

  • Yes, Justin, I too got a cancellation email. I ordered as soon as I saw them posted on app on Friday afternoon, yet Sunday morning I get an email stating canceled. Very disappointed.

  • Justin, that is a bummer. That has happened to me several times on the Disney Store site with limited edition pins. I don’t get how they can’t keep an accurate inventory. I just got a confirmation my charms have shipped.

  • Anyone else get a notification their order was canceled?

  • These are sold in Pandora stores and in WDW BUT I want to know if they are sold in Parks in California disneyland

  • Charms just showed up in the app! Mine are ordered!!

  • They are now available on the app.

  • I too have checked the app all day and called this morning too. I am delighted to post that these charms are finally on the app!!!! I have literally checked every hour so they must have just loaded. Enjoy!

  • I too have been looking for the new charms all day on the app. Is there any news on this?

  • Echoing Lisa & Tracey – I do not see the charms on the app.

  • These beads are not available this morning on the app as the article indicated. 🙁 “Guests using the free Shop Disney Parks app will find these two charms starting November 6. “

  • Good morning! I don’t see the Wishes charm on the Shop Disney App yet. Any idea when it will make its appearance? Thank you!

  • Hi I wanted to know if the Mickey and Minnie head pave charms will be sold in the parks at Disneyland California? If so when?

  • Thanks for the info on the Wishes bead!! I’ve also seen a sneak peak of a DVC charm and two DCL charms. Do you know when they will become available? Thanks!!

  • Ronald- The Mickey and Minnie and the wreath and red and Green Minnie charms are now available on the Disney Store website. They were out on October 29th. The Minnie and Mickey ones were also on the Pandora website, but they are listed as out of stock on the Pandora website now. I hope the Wishes and Fantasia charms will be on the Disney Store website. All of the parks charms have been when they were released (although some get sold out almost immediately and restocked later) except the D60 charms which were in the park early in the summer and didn’t make it to the website until mid August.

  • Hi Steve.

    This is not a Pandora related question…however, I couldn’t find a place to post a comment in the appropriate section.

    So, would you please info us Hidden Mickey Collectors, when the Wave B 2015 List of pins will be published to the Hidden Mickey pin lists?

    They have started showing up at the DLR, and I saw a copy of the pins that were released…however, it was one that had been ‘put together’ for the CM’s use only.

    Thank you in advance for your time and response.

  • Will all of the charms be available on the disney store website?

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