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Create Unforgettable Memories at Disney Parks This Fall with New Companion Shirts

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I recently stopped by China pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot to take a photo of two new companion shirts now available at Disney Parks. In recent years, we’ve released several companion tees including the extremely popular “I’ll Be Your Mickey” and “I’ll Be Your Minnie” shirts as seen in this previous Disney Parks Blog article. Here’s a look at other companion shirts I found at Disney Parks that may help you create some unforgettable memories during this fall season.


The Raglan tees shown above are a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They are a slightly different take on the previously mentioned “I’ll Be Your” shirts. Since I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio, I am a big fan of the red and grey colors used.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse are also featured on these Disney destination shirts. The Walt Disney World Resort shirts are shown above; shirts for Disneyland Resort are also available.


For those celebrating a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding or Honeymoon at Disney Parks, the bride and groom costume tees are a fun way to celebrate the special day.


Finally, we are continuing our online collection of Mickey and Minnie Mouse tees in November with four new designs. Two of the tees were inspired by the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction at Disneyland park while the other two shirts feature the “wildest ride in the wilderness,” Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. These shirts will only be offered on our Disney Parks online store from Friday November 6, 2015 through Thursday November 12, 2015. Items will ship in 3-5 weeks. You can order these shirts by visiting

For select companion shirts seen in this article, you can download the free Shop Disney Parks app to order and have them shipped directly to your home (see this video article for details about using the app).


  • I know these shirts aren’t posted here, but do you know if the “I’ll be your Minnie” and Princess Leia “I love you” shirts are in unisex sizes or women’s cut?? I was planning to buy them on the app but I can’t really tell from the photo and the size chart just shows women’s sizes.

  • Hi Steven, any change the Mickey and Minnie Big Thunder Mountain Railroad t shirts are sold in the park as well? They are sold out in the Disney Store. I ordered one of each and I am sad to say someone stole them from our porch or they were mis-delivered somewhere else. Disney was great about refunding them but I really had my heart set on getting the shirts.

  • I love the Raglan style…I’m not generally a huge fan of wearing the companion shirts (although seeing them on others always makes me smile!), but I would totally wear those Raglan ones. I’ll have to seek them out during our December trip this year.

  • Hi Steven! Can you please tell me how to find the bride and groom costume tees on the app or in stores at disneyland? Do you know where the Raglan shirts are at Disneyland? Thanks.

    • @Tim – I searched “Bride” and “Groom” using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app and easily found both tees.

      For the Raglans, I would try World of Disney at Downtown Disney District, Emporium in Disneyland park, or Fantasia at the Disneyland Hotel.

  • I love the companion shirts. I love the cut on the womens shirts and wish all the companion shirts were like this. I find the regular cut neckline to be constricting. My husband and I get many complements when we wear them out. I just wish there wasn’t so many realesed at once. I have closet full of shirts now. Oh well, I guess I just need a bigger closet.

  • Janes’ wife here – it’s Disney World no one is forcing anyone

    <3 WDW

  • Thanks Steven, I really like the Mickey/Minnie gray and pink t-shirts in your post. I tried looking for them on the shop parks app and on disneystore. Sadly I could not find them. I wanted to order them for my wife and I to wear for our trip in Dec. Any thoughts on where I can get them?

    • @Scott – In the Shop Disney Parks App, perform a key word search using “1928 Mickey” or “1928 Minnie.”

  • I think Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee would be popular. Also, there need to be options that don’t force one person to be the “male” and another the “female.”

  • I can’t find the Grey and red Raglan I love my girl t shirts on the shop disney parks app and really need them as a promise was made. Is there a link? Where can I find them online?

    • @Edward – I’m unsure if or when they will be offered online or via the Shop Disney Parks App. Here are item numbers for those shirts.

      I Mickey My Girl
      Small- 400009886467
      Medium – 400009886474
      Large – 400009886481
      XL – 400009886498
      2-XL – 400009886504

      I Mickey My Guy
      Small- 400009886412
      Medium – 400009886429
      Large – 400009886436
      XL – 400009886443
      2-XL – 400009886450

  • when will we get a look at the holiday merchandise this year and the special MVMCP merchandise?

    • @Chad – Stay tuned as an article should be published this week.

  • So Steven, is that pretty lady your special gal? That’s sure a nice picture of you two.

    • @Camille – Yes, she is 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

  • Most of the shirts sold online and in the shops are sized for “Adults.” Does that mean a man should buy one size up as the sizing is maybe somewhere in the middle of a man’s and woman’s size?

    • @Shannon – It’s difficult for me to say as I’m unsure about your size preferences. I can say that we are both wearing size medium in the first image. I thought the medium was a perfect size for me but a little big for her.

  • I like the Princess Leia “I Love You” / Han Solo “I Know” companion shirts — saw them at Hollywood Studios and the Main Street Emporium!

    • @Dominic – Yes!! They are fantastic. Something near and dear to my heart.

  • It would be great to have some gender-neutral companion shirts, or at least companion shirts featuring additional characters (Donald & Daisy, Chip & Dale, etc).

    Are the “I heart My Guy” and “I heart My Girl” shirts unisex, or are the “Guy” shirts a woman’s cut?

    • @Benjamin – These shirts are adult cuts. We currently don’t offer a women’s cut for either style.

  • where can you purchase the mickey and minnie companion shirts?

  • Will the Raglan tee shirts in the men’s sizes include one that says “I love my guy!”?

    • @Roger – The Raglan shirts are adult sizes and cuts as they are part of the Graphic Apparel department.

  • you’re from Columbus?? I knew you were cool! O-H!

    • @Kimberly – I-O! I was born and raised in the capitol city. 🙂

  • Loving the shirts in your picture! The colors and style are an A+!

  • James’ wife here – oh gosh I love the Minnie Bobsled and Big Thunder tees! Really sweet!
    <3 WDW!

  • Whatever happened to the Big Thunder Mountain shirts that were supposed to be on sale at the end of September? I don’t recall seeing them in the Disney Store/Parks online store that week.

    • @Robert – I spoke with the online store team. They confirmed the shirt was sold online from September 23-29. One section I regularly frequently on the online store is “New Arrivals.” This may help for future reference. I’m sorry to hear that you missed the sale this time.

  • Sigh. Always Mickey and Minnie. Whither Donald and Daisy? The mouse is the face of the company but he’s not everyone’s favorite. Simply not enough demand for Donald/Daisy offerings?

    • @John – Thank you for the feedback. I know Donald Duck is one of my favorite characters too.

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