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Disney Days of Past: America on Parade

In 1975 Walt Disney World Resort presented “America on Parade.” The parade celebrated the history of the United States of America. This charming gentleman was one of the larger-than-life characters representing different time periods of American history. The parade was in anticipation of the Bicentennial celebration of the United States of America in 1976.



  • Thanks for sharing. We went 1976 for my first Disney trip. I was 10 and loved the Centennial parade. My favorite memories were Tom Sawyer Island, the moving sidewalk in Space Mountain(I was to chicken to ride Space Mountain), and Ski-lift that took you from one end of the park to the other. I remember the booklets and the ‘C’ and ‘E’ rides were the best

  • It was also presented at Disneyland. I saw it there on my very first Disney vacation.

  • I can vividly remember watching this parade as a little girl on my first trip to Walt Disney World. I was only 4 but I can remember watching it during a huge storm that started midway through the parade. The wind was so badly blowing but the cast members, characters and dancers just kept going till they reached the end of the route!!! I am still not sure how the cast members kept those huge heads on and didn’t fall over or get blown away!!
    Thanks for sharing this picture!!!

  • Rose,thanks for bringing back memories. I made my first trip on my own with my then wife to be in early December and it made a Disney fan for life out of me. I visit every year twice if I can (I live near Buffalo, NY). I seem to remember a giant sandwich being in the parade. Is that correct. Anyway thanks for great memories.

  • I remembering this! My first trip to the Magic Kingdom, November 1975. My entire family was very impressed by this parade. The giant sandwich was one of my favorite floats. Very memorable experience.

  • WOW that brings back memories.
    I was 12, first trip to WDW. The parade, Space Mountain and my little siser knocking a cup of coffe onto my leg at Aunt Polly’s are the three strongest memories I have of that trip .Good Times

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