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Disney Parks Blog Unboxed – Disney Parks Tsum Tsum

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Today, I’m continuing our video series called Disney Parks Blog Unboxed with a look at new Disney Tsum Tsum. You may already play the incredibly fun and engaging mobile app that introduced these adorable characters to the world (if not, check out to learn more).

During this video, I visited Japan Pavilion at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort to “stack, stack” the latest details on new 3 ½-inch plush created especially for Disney Parks.

The best places to find Disney Parks Tsum Tsum are World of Disney at Downtown Disney District in California and Once Upon a Toy at Disney Springs Marketplace in Florida.

These new Disney Tsum Tsum will eventually be carried online at

Guests may also find these items at a future date using the free Shop Disney Parks app. This video shows you how easy it is to use the app to find favorite Disney Parks merchandise and have those items shipped directly to your home.

Happy Stacking!


  • Hi there! When is the Tsum Tsum Pirate series scheduled to be released in Anaheim Disneyland Resort? I would imagine really soon? Thanks!

  • Dear Steven, you said the collection is first-come first-serve basis, I called the guest merchandise service team to place order on Dumbo the flying elephant and the steam train, the guest merchandise service team said both Tsums are available at that time. However, a week later, a team member called me and said Dumbo the flying elephant is sold out. That doesn’t sound first-come first-serve to me. I’m so sad right now because the app doesn’t have Dumbo the flying elephant, and I miss the chance to purchase on on Tsum Tsum Tue because I thought I will have Dumbo the flying elephant coming.

  • The vehicle tsum tsums are so dang cute! I grabbed a monorail one while I was at once upon a toy this weekend. I regret not getting more!

  • Steven thanks so much. I love the tsum tsum collection. So excited!!
    And I think the delivery guy was great!! We need to see more of him!!

  • I was so disappointed in the selection at Once Upon a Toy when we were there in September – they only offered a villain collection, none of the “regular” characters. We have more of a variety at our local Target.

  • Please do a Country Bear Jamboree set with the BABY BEAR!

  • Good grief, Steven! Are you trying to bankrupt me with all of this awesome new Disney merch?

  • I hope these aren’t as limited as the ones you have going to the stores. I was in line this month over an hour before the store opened and they still sold out before I got in the door. The limitedness of these is ridiculous.

    • @Leslie – These items aren’t limited edition so they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • And all this time I thought they were pronounced “sum sum”. I had no idea they were “zoom zoom”. 🙂 Thanks Steven.

  • How long will the ride vehicles be available for? Is it a limited release or ongoing collection? Thanks!

    • @Mara – It’s difficult to say how long the first collection will be available as it will depened upon popularity with guests.

  • Matt (FL) – did it look like they would run out soon or are there plenty that I might be able to get them next week?

  • They are now available at Once Upon a Toy. We saw them there today.

  • AHH I LOVE the attraction tsum tsum..and the pirates collection…oh my!! I’m giddy like I was actually in the parks! My kids adore tsum tsums, I think they are cute, but not obsessed. But with these, I think I’ll hunt these babies down before my kids get them!

  • Are these available now?

    • @Yulady and David – Yes, the first collection was released on November 6.

  • Hi Steve, when will the vehicles collection be at Once Upon A toy? and also, could someone sprinkle some Disney magic on that delivery guy 🙂

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