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‘Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival’ To Debut At Epcot’s Magic Eye Theater

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We know how much Disney Parks fans love our animated films and shorts. So today, we’re happy to share that coming in December, Epcot guests can experience beloved Disney and Pixar animated shorts in a new 4D experience located in Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion. “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival” will include a look into the visionary minds behind some of the world’s most iconic animated films today.

Then inside the theater, guests can put on their 3D glasses and enter the imaginative worlds of three animated shorts, which will burst to life on the big screen (and in the theater) like never before.

To make way for this new offering, “Captain EO,” the current occupant of Magic Eye Theater will say its final farewell December 6. Hope many of you are able to come out to see them change the world one more time.


  • I sure hope there will be plans to bring Captain EO as well as Magic Journey to 3D Blu-Ray and DVD soon.

    As for the short films, is it just “Get a Horse”, “For the Birds”, and “La Luna”, or will there be different shorts every day or week? Because I’d sure love to see “Geri’s Game” in 3-D

  • We just saw the films. There was no wait, so I wouldn’t waste a fast pass on it. The first one (of three) was the best and lasted the longest. Overall, they were okay. It’s a nice place to rest in the air conditioning when you need a rest.

  • I haven’t seen an official update anywhere, but I just planned my FP+ for Saturday, Dec 26th and I was able to plan for the short films. There’s no official page on the website yet. This may be a soft opening.

  • While this will be better than Captain EO in our opinion, as someone else mentioned, it is something that can be watched at home. Granted, not in 3D, but it’s not unique to WDW. We would like to see Honey I Shrunk the Audience return. Are there any plans for that? That show is so much fun and not somethin that can be watched at home on tv.

  • Why are none of these comments/questions/concerns being answered/addressed?

  • Hoorah! Another Epcot attraction to skip!

  • I can’t understand why a permanent home cannot be found for Captain Eo in all the vast area of EPCOT or WDW generally. Seriously guys! I travelled all the way from Australia to see it last month – the last Disney park where it has screened that I hadn’t visited – usually I don’t get much past the West Coast of the US, but with Captain Eo screening in Orlando, WDW was a must. The theatre in Disney’s Hollywood Studios shows the promotional films (I saw one there) so why remove a heritage attraction like Eo? With all the space WDW has available to it – add new attractions, yes! Promotional shorts, OK, removal of classics – NOT OK. The haters have plenty of other attractions to choose from, I’m not aware of anyone at any Disney park forcing anybody to see an attraction that doesn’t interest them. However, for some of us, Captain Eo was the reason for making the trip in past years to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland Anaheim and, finally (for me) Walt Disney World in Orlando. I’m still a Disney fan, of course, but part of what made it fun to be in the respective parks – namely the first last and inbetween attraction that always drew me back – will be gone. So has the urgency for me to return.

  • Just get on with it already and put Dreamfinder & Figment back together again in their rightful home in the Imagination pavilion so that everything can be right again.

  • I would also like to know which three shorts will be in there – that being said “Get a Horse” seems to be a no brainer for one of them.

  • I am (still) very happy that Disney brought back Captain Eo. I have such fond memories of it from when it originally played in Disneyland. Although it is dated (as is Tomorrowland), I am thankful that they did indeed bring it back for an entirely new generation to see it as it was (almost) intended to be shown. While the majority of the in-theater effects were missing, it was great to see the film in the theater in which it was built for once again. So, while it’s time has once again gone, I’m glad I got to see it again in the place where I have so many memories of it many many years ago. Thanks to all who made it happen. Now, bring on the new show!

  • Glad to hear they’re changing this out. The animation on EO was so outmoded that it really didn’t belong in Future World anymore. Good choice.

  • Why announce this and not give a date? I would love to add it to our plans but without a date I obviously can’t.

  • I think I would rather watch the Pixar Shorts on blu ray or DVD in the comfort of my own home and use the time at Epcot to enjoy other attractions, dining and yes, dare I say it, shopping – but, that’s my opinion.

  • Do we have an opening date yet and will it be a FP attraction?

  • This is really cool. Great idea. My kids and I love all the Disney and Pixar shorts. 🙂

  • Pixar fan! Will FP be available? And when?

  • What are the 3 animated shorts?

  • Yes!! I love Pixar so much!! So excited for this!! Hope this is running when we visit in December. What date does it begin??

  • Although I can appreciate that EO and Magic Journeys paid tribute to Imagination, I’m with Michael–
    I’m getting the sense that the 3D shorts is “filler” until we hear some new plans in the works for Epcot and Imagination, now that all the Studios plans are out of the bag.
    (That, or just another flimsy excuse to show “Frozen Fever” again…)

  • Thank goodness we finally can say goodbye to the big hair and jazz hands. Captain Disco has been sadly dated for quite a while. Pixar, welcome to Epcot!

  • Is this going to be a permanent addition/change, or just something temporary for the peak holiday crowds?

  • Please tell me this is only temporary until they design an actual attraction. Also, what does this have to do with Future World?

  • When will the Pixar show debut?

  • Whoops, just saw coming in December, so hopefully it will be staying awhile.

  • What is the official opening date at WDW?

  • Do we know when this will open? I am going to be there mid January.

  • To paraphrase C3PO, thank the maker that EO will finally be gone for good!

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