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Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Expands to 90 Days in 2016

Allow me to plant the seed for the perfect holiday gift: a spring trip to Walt Disney World Resort for the 23rd Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. It bursts into Epcot on March 2 – May 30, 2016, expanding from 75 days to 90.


As you take in the gorgeous creations we have planned for you, nosh on sweet and savory Outdoor Kitchen dishes and refreshing beverages. Even the kids will want to have a bite – or your whole portion.

Making their topiary debut at the park’s front entrance will be Donald Duck’s mischievous nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie along with Donald and Daisy. And to celebrate the National Parks Service centennial, Ranger Mickey Mouse will join for the first time in Future World.

I can’t wait to see how our horticulture artists create the new Floral Sun garden that will celebrate the brightest star in Earth’s orbit with yellow “sunbursts” that pop up across the Future World landscape.


And I know my toddler, who couldn’t get enough of the “Cars“-themed play area last year – the Cactus Road Rally garden – will never want to leave the innovative new “Fab Five” play garden featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck topiaries. Musical instruments will be built into the children’s outdoor climbing systems.

And we can’t forget about the Garden Rocks concert series – music that spans four decades.

We’ll have more details to share in the coming months, but for now, mark your calendars!


  • I love the FnG festival! I was lucky to get to do an internship at EPCOT during that time of year in horticulture, so to this day it has a very special place in my heart. What does the line up for presenters look like and will there be special merchandise, like magic bands and Figment, for this year’s festival?

  • Has anyone noticed that Victoria Lim has not replied to anyone’s comments since November 19th. Where are you Victoria? Please give us the confirmed Garden Rocks Concert schedule.

  • It is quite disheartening to have the event weeks away now, and no updates as to events, outdoor kitchens, and concert series.

  • Any speculation on who might be playing on 4/22-24?

  • 4/15-17 Blood, Sweat & Tears
    5/27-30 The Spinners

  • Herman’s Hermits has it listed on their website. 4/1-3

  • We will be there for the opening days of the festival. It’s very frustrating to not have any details this close to our trip to be able to plan. We had the same issue last year. In other years the information was available long before we went so we could plan our days. I had hoped that last year’s delay was a fluke. What has happened??

  • That is disappointing……both that the schedule isn’t released and the bands that are lined up….think I may reassess my vacation plans

  • We are planning to be there the weekend of April 8-10, and like a lot of you readers, want to plan our days! So, I checked various artists’ websites and found “Garden Rocks” on a few 2016 concert schedules (sorry…nothing scheduled for David Cassidy, Mickey Dolenz, or Herman’s Hermits as of this date). Here is what I found on some of their sites:
    3/11-13: Starship
    3/18-20: Little River Band
    3/25-27: Village People
    4/8-10: The Guess Who
    5/6-8: Gin Blossoms

  • Good evening,
    Can you tell me when the concert listing is gonna be announced for the Flower and Garden Festival for this year? Thank you so much.

  • So I found the concert info that was posted on this blog last year and it was posted on January hopefully it won’t be much longer until this years comes out 🙂

  • Jennifer, Usually the concerts go 30 to 45 minutes

  • Only 6 weeks out not and no Garden Rocks concert schedule released. They’re making it very difficult to plan.

  • For those who have been, how long are the concerts typically? My sister and I are going to see the Gin Blossoms on May 7th (it’s on the Gin Blossoms site, though haven’t found on a Disney site) and am trying to time my ADRs appropriately. Thanks!

  • I too am looking for Festival info.. I have never understood why this is released so late. We go several times over the course of the spring and want to be able to plan for the themed weekends and concerts.. by the time its released it can be hard to get rooms, dining reservations, etc. Help 🙂

  • When will the concert series line up be released? We have 2 Sundays planned for Epcot this year and are looking forward to seeing who will be there.

  • Looking for detailed information on the 2016 flower and garden show. Where can I find the concert line-up as well as the festival’s food available in the countries?

  • when will the concert series performers be posted?

  • Were is the concert line up ? It is getting later and later every year . What is going on ?

  • What bands will be playing and when will they be playing during the 2016 EPCOT Garden Rocks Series? I’m hoping to do some trip planning and knowing when certain bands will be there would greatly help. Thanks.

  • Hey Still waiting on more details about the festival like menu’s and concert line up…. The festival is less than 60 days away… hoping for more details soon!

  • Any idea when information about this year’s event will be online? We’re trying to make plans but would love to know who’s performing when and what food items will be available.

  • Please consider bringing David Cassidy back… he was always very popular in the past!

  • Please have Micky Dolenz back to perform this year! I personally know a large amount of people who would love to see him back! Especially since 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of The Monkees!

  • As I usually travel in the fall, this will be my first F&G festival. Always wanted to go to this, now I am much more excited. Can’t wait to read more

  • Love Epcot!Especially during the Flower and Garden show!! We already have a trip planned for spring break. I actually added Sat. to our Sun-Fri. trip, so that we can be there for a Garden Rocks performance.Can’t wait to see who will perform this year. Is there any chance we will see more fairy gardens in the future? Don’t recall what year it was, but the fairy gardens were more extensive. The past few years they have been contained inside the butterfly house. We loved it when they were more spread out. Have some beautiful photos from that year. I think a Tinkerbell movie was being promoted. I love Magic Kingdom, but have to admit that arriving in Epcot after spending time in MK is so refreshing. Can’t wait!P.S. My wish would be to see Herman Hermits. I have been fortunate to watch Davy Jones, David Cassidy and Micky Dolenz. Herman would complete this gals teenage dreams!

  • Planning weekend trip now. So glad they backed it up a week in march 🙂

  • Definitely looking forward to getting the chance to spend more time here in May. Was only expecting to get the last week of F&G but with the additional time added we can see it the entire 2-week trip.
    Now to figure out stuff around already existing dining reservations ^_^

  • Awww shucks, we miss it by one day. We go May 31st.

  • I’m glad this is being extended, I do miss this from our early May visits. Now we can check this out in late May. With that being said, I fear that Epcot is becoming a year round festival/fair ground.

  • James’ wife here – We are always there at Spring time to take this in! It is always fun to see the incredible topiaries and we love taking photos of them and with them! The details and creativity is amazing! More days to enjoy and admire…nothing wrong with that!!


  • We love the International Flower Show! Do you have any idea who the performers will be for Garden Rocks?
    Also, will there be any special dining experiences?

    • We haven’t announced the performers yet for Garden Rocks. We’ll definitely share the list here on the Disney Parks Blog.

  • Wonderful! I wasn’t expecting this for our May vacation so I’m really excited now. Love those Outdoor Kitchens. It’s like a less-crowded, prettier Food & Wine!

    • Hi Kyle! Glad you’ll be joining us this spring!

  • Hey, that’s great….just bring back the kids playground in the Showcase between Morocco and France pavilions!

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