First Look at runDisney Avengers 2015 Super Heroes Half Marathon Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend is back, taking place November 12–15 at the Disneyland Resort! If you’re not sure about your own super hero identity just yet, here is your first look at this year’s merchandise — which just might help you out.

“Lock on Target” for an array of character and phrase themed performance tees, tanks, hoodies, jackets and other novelty items that will get your “Pulse Rate Rising” and make a statement letting those around you know “I Did It.”

Are you participating in the Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge? Make your dream of conquering this challenge a reality as you transcend time and space with a powerful line of themed performance apparel that will blow your mind and satisfy your running soul. Yes, I just threw down the gauntlet. Best of luck to all who are participating!

In addition to the pre-purchased pins available for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, the Avengers Super Heroes 5K and Inaugural Captain America 10K at the Disneyland Resort, also being offered is the medal spinner pin reminiscent of a certain super hero logo, which I know you are all familiar with, and an Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge pin. But that’s not all. If magnets are more your speed, you won’t be disappointed and for those of you who strive to be a head above the rest, you’ll find runner’s headwear themed to different phrases, logos and super heroes for the Half Marathon and Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge.

Fans of Dooney & Bourke bags – if you are still trying to determine whether or not to add this new line to your collection, here’s another look at the pattern that will appear on several silhouettes including a satchel, letter carrier and backpack.

Finally, keep an eye out for additional runDisney apparel, 2015 runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge offerings, and more.

It’s time to assemble your list of must have items. See you at the finish line!


  • The graphics look great – but why no photos of what the merchandise will really look like?? You have shown shirts and jackets in the past….why not this time? Thank you.

  • Thank you for the sneak peak! Running my first 5K on Friday. Cannot wait to pick up some of the merchandise.

  • I am running the 5K on Friday. It is my first marathon! I cannot wait to look at the merchandise tomorrow when picking up my gear!

    • Liz, that’s so exciting! You’re going to have a blast! The runDisney events are quite amazing and fun!

  • Ahhhh! It finally makes sense. I was so confused last year when there wasn’t an iron man logo on the D&B bags. But then I realized Iron Man wasn’t ANYWHERE – not the pasta in the park party, not on any of the signs. But I still didn’t know why. Thanks for the explanation!

  • I guess they don’t want to confuse the Avengers races with an actual Iron-man event. (70.3 miles)

  • It’s because of the Ironman triathlon series.

  • It’s the same print as last year – just with a white background. Disappointed.

    • Hey Courtney! Hopefully when you visit the runDisney Expo you can check out the merchandise! I think when you see the Dooney & Bourke bags in person, you’ll notice some pretty distinct differences.

  • You are right, Melanie. I think the symbols stand for Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and S.H.I.E.L.D.

    • Jennifer, you and Melanie definitely have an eye for the icons! Our fans this year will love the varying pattern and colors, I think when you see them close-up you’ll even notice the varying icon sizes are different, including one specially themed to Hulk.

  • It’s not just you, Melanie, there’s no Iron Man. In fact, the D&B bag assortment from last year also did not have any Iron Man insignia on it either. Bad enough they made that mistake once, worse still that they repeated it this year! Really disappointing for us Iron Man fans. 🙁

  • Where is the Iron Man? 🙁

  • Is it just me or do the Dooney’s not have any sort of nod to Iron Man in their design? Now I know my OH won’t let me have one!

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