First Look at the Disneyland Resort Holiday Magic ‘Decades’ Collection

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Are you a fan of the Disneyland Resort Diamond CelebrationDecades” collection? If you’re like me, one of the most magical and favorite times of the year at Disneyland Resort is the holiday season. Since 1955, the magic of the holidays has brought joy, merriment, lots of cheer and lasting memories to guests of all ages. Here’s your first look at the new art debuting November 12 celebrating 60 years of Holiday Magic.

As you can see, this new piece features cherished holiday attractions, icons and characters throughout the resort. Look for this image on an array of merchandise items including an adult fleece, D-handled mug, set of two kitchen towels, deluxe print, ornament, pin and my personal favorite, (great as a serving dish or a cookie plate), the oval platter. Tip: Some items even feature the story of this particular piece on the back.

Find it beginning November 12 at Disney Showcase in Disneyland park; World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District; and Elias & Co. in Disney California Adventure park, among other select locations.

Will you add holiday cheer to your collection with this “Decades” piece?


  • will this be the holiday t-shirt art for this year?

    • Hi Tyler, the artwork will actually appear on a red fleece, there is no t-shirt this time.

  • I love this artwork Michelle. Even the Snow Car from CarsLand was included. Can’t wait to pick some stuff up on the 12th.

  • These look great. Comprehensive image of all of experiences. I was curious – how many total decades have been released besides this line? I’ve seen 3.

    • Hi Oleg! As of now there have been four, which includes holiday. So three of the actual decade collections and this one.

  • Will there be new pressed pennies released also? Also will there be a pin release that goes with this Holiday Collection like the previous Decades released?

    • Hey Robert! Yes there are plans for this to appear on a pressed coin and there is a pin available starting on Nov. 12 as well.

  • Will there be a new set of the pressed coins released along with this new set? Thanks!

  • I will definitely be adding this to my Disney Holiday Collection!!! I sure hope they are offered on the new Shop Disney Parks App!

  • Any chance this will be available in a fleece throw?

    • Hi Jonathan! No fleece throw at this time.

  • The Holiday Magic Decades Collection artwork is a little ironic given that it’s featuring a snow covered Sleeping Beauty castle.

  • Michelle – Is a fridge magnet with this art being sold? If so, I promise I’d buy one!

    • Hi Andrew! I’m sorry, there’s no magnet this time around, but if that changes I’ll certainly let you know.

  • Nice! I will be at the park on Thursday picking up my stuff for the Avengers 5K. Sounds like I will be making a stop at DLR 🙂

  • Michelle, Do you know when the next decades merchandise for 1985-1994 will be released?

    • Hi Theresa! Probably not until after the new year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

  • Theresa I was at the park last month and I believe it had Jimney Cricket. They had t-shirts but had no pins that I saw.

    • Hello! The pin was briefly delayed and actually debuted today in park store locations.

  • Is the pin for this collection being released today too?

    • Hi Carissa! It is, and it actually released today. It was supposed to be earlier, but was delayed.

  • I’m at downtown Disney and do not see the new pressed Pennie machine! Where will it be placed?

  • At Disneyland and it looks like the decades pin is not out today. Any information about it? Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Michelle – I visited today to pick up some of these items and two locations (World of Disney and Disney Pin Traders) were not aware of any separate pin with the artwork on it. Is it possible the release of the pin was limited to a specific location or on another day? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Oleg! The pin was delayed and it released today.

  • Will this design be available on crew neck sweatshirt? Are they in the parks now?

    • Christine, you should find the fleece in park store locations now.

  • Any word on pin release? MIA so far.

    • Jeremy! Good news, after an unexpected delay, the pin released today. We just found out ourselves.

  • Hi Michelle,
    I was just at the park today and I noticed after months of having all the older plates all of them were replaced with the Christmas ones, even the most recent Jiminey one that I feel was just barley released. Does this mean everything magically sold out just in time to be replaced by Christmas? Or were they just pulled from the shelves for the holidays and will be back after? I am just missing Jiminey and really hope I can still find it!

    • Krysta, it sounds like the locations are in fact out of the plates among other items. I’m so sorry. If we should find one, we’ll certainly let you know.

  • Will the adult red fleece be available to purchase online from the Disney Store? If so, when? Is this the holiday shirt for the year or is there another one? Thanks!

    • Hi Ellen! This particular fleece will only be available in parks, but we should have other great holiday fleece and items available online for you.

  • Hey Michelle, I was at the resort this weekend and found the new Decades Holiday artwork print which was great. However, I did not find the matted print artwork for 1975-1984. I spoke with several cast members there and they were not sure when it was taken off the shelves. I figured it was still in the time frame for me to pick one up, as I have been collecting and framing them for my house. Any idea of when we may see that again, or if we will?

  • Hi Michelle!

    I love the decades collection. Great way to celebrate Disneyland. However, I live on the east coast so getting the merchandise isn’t easy. Is there any way to buy some of the decades memorabilia online? Or will there be a way? I have managed to get a few of the items but would love to complete the set!

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