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Get To Know 7 Disney Parks Dinosaurs

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

In honor of today’s release of the film “The Good Dinosaur,” we wanted to give shout outs to seven of our other Disney Parks dinosaurs.

Gertie the Dinosaur at Disney's Hollywood Studios
1. Dino Gertie at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – A landmark at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since the park opened in 1989, Gertie is both a nod to Gertie the Trained Dinosaur, one of the first popular animated characters in film. Although the character was not developed by Walt Disney, she’s a symbol of animation history – and at the park, serves up mighty good ice cream.

2. Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot – The original version of this attraction introduced me to some of Disney Parks’ first-ever dinosaur Audio-Animatronics figures back in the mid-1980s – and I was mystified!

DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

3. DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – A quick trip on a Time Rover takes us back 65 million years ago to visit Alioramus, Velociraptors and more. Better make it a real quick trip if you don’t want to get caught by that treacherous Carnotaurus!

4. TriceraTop Spin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Okay, this dino draw is more my speed, with it’s colorful herbivores ready to take to the skies.

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park – This guy is perhaps the oldest resident of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, preserved for all to see.

6. The Boneyard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – What trip to DinoLand, U.S.A., at Disney’s Animal Kingdom would be complete for little ones without a trip through the Boneyard? Here, kiddos can help excavate the bones of a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, explore rope bridges and more.

7. T-REX Restaurant at Disney Springs – For the ultimate dinosaur experience, head to T-Rex at Disney Springs. The food is terrific and every few minutes diners get to experience a meteor shower. Ultimate dino fans can also create their own dinosaur at the Build-A-Dino station in the adjacent merchandise shop.


  • Brvvo Joseph! That was mostly what I was going to write. Thank you.

  • How about Dinosaur Jack’s Sunglasses Shack that used to be in Disney California Adventure?

  • Joseph – I agree with your comments! I saw Dinosaurs of Disney Parks as the title for this post and expected to see Dinosaurs from Disney parks around the world, not just from WDW.

  • The lack of a mention of Disney’s ORIGINAL Dinosaurs, the ones Walt personally supervised for the ’64 Worlds Fair and then had moved to the tunnel of the Disneyland railroad in 1966, is rather sad. The EPCOT ones are replicas of the originals in Disneyland.

    I understand that while the Disneyland railroad is closed for Star Wars expansions, it isn’t something fans can see right now, but they still should have been mentioned.

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