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Haunted Mansion Funko Pop! Figures Debut at Disney Parks

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Materializing at Disney Parks on November 27 are four new Funko Pop! figures themed to the Haunted Mansion, created especially for Disney Theme Park Merchandise. These happy haunts are currently in search of a new place to socialize since their resting grounds have been taken over by Sandy Claws!


This new collection includes Ezra, Gus, Phineas and the ever-popular Hatbox Ghost. Each figure will retail for $19.95 plus tax and will be available at the following locations:

Disneyland Resort
D Street, Downtown Disney District

Walt Disney World Resort
Pin Traders, Disney Springs Marketplace

Which one of these Grim Grinning Ghosts will follow you home?


  • Would you happen to know when they are going to restock the hatbox ghost (funko pop)? Or how often do they stock for future reference?

  • They were on the Disney Store website and sold out there too!!! Keep watching!!

  • Stopped by the Haunted Mansion store today at Magic Kingdom for the 3rd time looking for these rascals. Sold out again. The helpful clerk said they have been restocked, but sell out very quickly each time. I’m not a Pop collector, I just love the hitchhiking ghosts. I see Pop vultures selling them on Ebay for a small fortune. I really hope they continue to restock or make them available online so that casual fans might have a chance to own these ghosts.

  • I got a set for my friend that collects Pop! figures. I went Friday afternoon and they had plenty. According to some answers from Michelle I would think they will be restocked since they are open editions. I didn’t pay attention to the blog post and spent half an hour looking for it in the World of Disney Store. She’s going to love these

  • Was at Disneyland on the 29th and D Street told me these sold out the first day. I hope they are planning to restock, because my seven-year-old collects Pop! Vinyls and was the Hatbox Ghost for Halloween… he needs to have that in his collection!

  • Have these been removed from the stores? I went on Sunday and there were none in stock at Disneyland DStreet.

  • I got really lucky today at Disney World went into pin traders they only had 1 of the 4 grabbed it, went across the street to the toy store came back to ask a question and they were opening a new box that had 1 full set and I grabbed them. My sister is a huge collector and I would like to get her a set when we go back for Christmas does anyone know how long they’ll be available? Is it a limited number or will they continue to make them?

  • I just got these but Gus has the wrong pop and so does phineas

  • @Joel they aren’t double the price, Disney parks always have a higher price for merch then you will find in the wild, I think I heard the standard release Star Wars VII figures are going for about $15 in the parks. These are exclusive to the parks meaning you won’t find them anywhere else and they are also park specific characters so I’m not that surprised by the price and I actually find them pretty reasonable. Considering convention exclusives usually go for around 15-20 depending on what they are, and standard pricing is $12 each. Is $20 more then normal, yes, but worth it, yes they are. Plus factor in that at least in Disneyland approx 85% of their attendance is locals with Annual Passes who get 15-20% off on merch and a decent chunk of the tourists have Disney Visas and also get discount opportunities. Imagine you have a Premium AP and get 20% off on your purchase. Well now these have dropped from 19.95 to 15.95 which is very reasonable for exclusives. Sorry for the lengthy post but I’ve seen this complaint in a few places and as a Disney Parks fan who goes a lot more than the average person I think those that are asking why so much are forgetting that the parks merch always costs more. Even the Avengers Pops on the Disney Store website are $12.95 each.

  • So they aren’t limited edition, they don’t glow in the dark and they seem like the standard 3″ funko… So why are they more than double the price…

  • I just saw a picture of the pop figures in their boxes- from my (admittedly underwhelming) Disney knowledge I thought Gus was the ball & chain bearded and Phineas was the bigger hat wearing ghost. They have them backwards. If I could post a pic of them in their boxes I would.

  • Hmmm

  • Living out in Austin TX I can’t be at the parks to get these. Should I get on the phone with guest services on the 27th? If so what time would you recommend getting on the phone to call and what’s the number? Thanks!

  • Very excited about these, clearly they are going to be in very high demand. I hope there’s enough to go around!

  • Please let us know if these will be available any place online for purchase. Thanks!

    • Hi James! I would definitely try contacting Disney Merchandise Guest Services regarding the availability of the items if you are unable to attend the release. At this time both the APP and Online offering is not available.

  • I seriously hope these have a semi decent quantity… POP collectors are going to go nuts, HM collectors are going to go nuts, and those of us who are both are sitting here weeks away from a trip and salivating…

  • Do they Glow in the Dark???

    • Hi Mitchell! They do not glow in the dark. I have to admit, I tried it to see.

  • I have the same questions as the others. Will these be available for purchase on the DisneyStore website or the Shop Disney Parks app? Also, are they limited edition and, if yes, what is the edition size for each one? Thanks.

    • Hi Lauren!
      They are actually considered open edition. If you are unable to make it, perhaps you can contact Disney Merchandise Guest Services to inquire about availability and purchasing them. At this time, we will not have them available on the APP or Online, but hope to soon.

  • I need all 4 of these… but I have a few questions that hopefully you can answer:
    1) Can you tell me what the figure numbers are? I’m guessing they are in the 160-170 range.
    2) Are these limited edition or open edition?
    3) Will they be available via, shop disney parks, or merch guest services?
    4) What time will D-Street be opening on Friday?

    • Hi Tyler!
      I hope these answers will help.

      1. Gus is number 162; Ezra is number 163; Phineas is number 164; and the Hatbox Ghost is 165.

      2. They are considered open edition

      3. As of right now, those unable to attend the product release may want to consider contacting Disney Merchandise Guest Services as they will not be available on the APP or Online at this time.

      4. D Street in the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort will open at 9a.m. on Friday, November 27.

  • Will they be available to purchase on the parks shop app?

    • Hi Zoe, as of right now, no. But hopefully soon.

  • NEED these! Half of our living room is HM stuff, and my leg is currently covered in 2 of the 3 hitchhikers.

  • Will these be available on the website? If not, do you know if they are limited edition? I will be there in February!

    • Hey James! These figures are actually open edition. They will not be available online as of right now, but hopefully in the near future, unless of course these happy haunts disappear.

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