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Holiday How-To: Holiday Leftovers Panini

Not sure what to do with your leftovers from Thanksgiving? In our final turkey-day tip, Lenny DeGeorge, Executive Chef, Concept Development for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, shows us how to make the perfect holiday panini. Watch below!


  • Put mayo on the other slice of bread to keep the moist turkey from making the bread soggy.

  • Good call, Louis. In the spirit of the holiday season and the season of the Force. May the cheese be with us. Haha!

    This looks good. As does an Earl of Sandwich holiday sandwich!

  • I know what would be a great addition to the Panini… the delicious hot melted cheese you guys banned from the parks. Free the Cheese… and restore Pecos Bill’s old menu! I complain about very little when it comes to Disney World…messing with cheese crossed the line! Free the warm cheese lava at Pecos Bill. And the hamburgers too! Its like I’m gone for a year… come back and the menu has been destroyed by some health club fitness guru. I am the prince and the cheese is my princess.

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