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LIVE STREAM: Watch ‘A Frozen Holiday Wish’ at 6:15 p.m. EST

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: This live event has concluded. Please keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for future opportunities.

Thanks for joining us for tonight’s live stream of “A Frozen Holiday Wish” from Magic Kingdom Park. The performance will begin shortly. In the meantime, tell us in the “Comments” section where you’re watching from!

MK Frozen Castle show-Title

Please keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog for future Unforgettable Holiday live streams.


  • Have it missed it? I have no sound and I see random flashing but nothing else.

  • Watching from Palm Beach, Florida!

  • Lake Bluff, IL. So excited!

  • Our living room in Wethersfield, CT!!!

    • That works!

  • Has it not started yet, or is there something wrong with the live feed?

  • Feed not working no sound

  • Atlanta, GA!

  • Trying to watch the magic in Alabama!

  • Is it late? I don’t see anything happening….

  • My kids are patiently waiting for the show to start in California

  • Is it working for anyone else? Mine has no sound. All I see is the castle. It’s 6:21 and I thought it was going to start at 6:15 :-/

  • NY

    • I love NY!

  • we are watching from Hanmer ontario

  • Watching from New Mexico. Looking forward to spending the holiday at the park. Only 43 more days to go!

  • ?

  • Is there sound? I am not getting any yet. Kids are very excited though! 🙂

  • Is anyone else having trouble watching?

  • Wilkes Barre, PA!

  • anyone else not have sound yet? just making sure

  • Watching from Fort Myers, FL, wishing I could be there right now!!!

    • Hope you can visit soon!

  • Indianapolis, IN

  • Liberty Township, Ohio

  • watching from OC California, but we can’t hear the sound

  • Griffin, GA!

  • I’m watching from Milwaukee, WI!

  • Watching from Long Island, NY.

  • I’m watching from Oceanside on my iPad.

  • Texas

  • Arizona

  • Watching from the Pennsylvania Wilds!

  • Denver CO

  • Watching from Hamilton, ON Canada!

  • Nashville!

  • Great Falls, MT

  • Connecticut! Thank you for sharing the live stream.

  • Reading Massachusetts

  • Waiting patiently from the Netherlands….

    • 🙂

  • Watching from Boise, ID and wishing we were there!

  • Hello happy holidays

  • The gym.

    • Sweet!

  • Sterling, IL

  • Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Watching from Massachusetts….can’t wait to be there in three weeks!!

  • Canyon Country, CA

  • Watching from New Jersey!! Thanks for doing this!! I watched the Live Streaming of the Boo to You Parade & it was awesome!

  • My Main Street… my living room in Gaithersburg MD. Can’t wait to see it.

    • I hope you enjoyed it, Denise.

  • From Curitiba, Brazil. Just came from WDW one month ago. Already missing!

  • Watching from Southampton, UK.

    • All the way from UK! 🙂

  • West Palm Beach!!!! Less than 30 days until I am back home at Disney!!!!!

  • Palm Bay Florida!

    • Thanks for joining us!

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