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New 360 Video of Walt Disney World Resort Debuts on Facebook – You Control the Experience

We’re excited to share a new video experience that takes you into all four Walt Disney World Resort Parks right from your mobile device. And the coolest part: you control what you’re seeing.

It’s called spherical video technology, or 360 Video. You can find it posted today on the Walt Disney World Facebook page:

As you can see, Goofy leads us through a helpful – if a bit accidental – tour, with a glimpse of thrilling heights, stunning sights, and a few familiar friends. You control the full-circle scenes across Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios by simply moving your device to see the angles you want. You can also place your finger on the screen and move it in the direction you’d like to see. It’s an all-new way to explore The Most Magical Place on Earth, and the next-best view to visiting us in person!

The Walt Disney World Resort 360 Video was developed and produced in collaboration with Littlstar Media Inc., a Disney Accelerator company.

What was your favorite part of Goofy’s tour?


  • This is great to see happening at Disney. I am a 360 video and photo creator and I would love to help Disney create virtual 360 videos and tours.

  • Wow!! Freakin’ Awesome!! This is unbelievable! To repeat, Wow!!

  • So cool! Would love to see this adapted for use with Google Cardboard (like on the 360 channel on Youtube) or other 3D viewers- no scrolling and you would feel like you were actually there. Great work!

  • This was totally awesome. Leave it to Disney to come up with something like this for us. Absolutely magnificent!

  • Can you imagine a full series of all the attractions! And since YouTube does virtual reality/3D, add that in and WOW! Can’t wait!

  • I loved that!!!! It was really cool. Well done! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • More, please.

  • Mind BLOWN!!!

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