New ‘Paint The Night’ Parade Dining Packages Coming to Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

New dining packages with reserved viewing for the new “Paint The Night” parade will be available beginning January 11, 2016, at Disneyland park.

‘Paint the Night’ Parade at Disneyland Park

At Blue Bayou Restaurant, the dining package includes a three-course meal. Viewing for the Blue Bayou Restaurant “Paint The Night” parade dining package will be located on Main Street, U.S.A.

With a choice of three entrees, Aladdin’s Oasis dining package will give guests the option of taking their meal to-go or enjoying it in the Aladdin’s Oasis seating area. Parade viewing for Aladdin’s Oasis “Paint The Night” parade dining package will be located near “it’s a small world.”

Reservations for both “Paint The Night” parade dining packages will be available soon. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more details!


  • I would like to do this but have been very dissapointed for other packages such as fantasmic. Our last “preferred” seating area was all the way to the side, behind some trees and a sign, in the back where none of my smaller children could see. Is there any indication that the preferred area will be good?

  • Have our reservations for BB and Paint the night scheduled for Feb 24th. Spoke to a cast member today because I was concerned about missing the fireworks. This is what I was told:

    Cost for Blue Bayous Pre Fixed dinner: $62 per person 10+/$25 for kids 3-9

    Paint the Night preferred viewing area is on Main Street on the side walk. Once the parade is over and they remove the ropes, you just walk into the middle of the street to see the fireworks.

  • I called and talked to Disney dining associate yesterday and I believe he said it was $63 per adult and $25 per kid and standing only, no seats. He said he thought the viewing area was kind of by the lockers.

  • Does anyone know the cost of the dining package at Blue Bayou. I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

  • To piggy back on Brandon’s comment – anyone know where the preferred viewing areas are for the Blue Bayou package? My family is tentatively booked for the first week in Feb and I am unsure if the asking price is actually worth it in terms of parade viewing.

  • So can anyone answer exactly where the preferred viewing areas will be? I already have Blue Bayou booked for Feb 7, I have already read for BB we will be at Main Street just wondering exactly where. Any addition information someone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am surprising my wife she doesn’t know we are going until the day before we leave and she still will have no clue exactly where we are going. So I would like to know more so I can make sure everything is planned out accordingly. Thank You!

  • No Bryan, they are NOT taking away seating for All, just setting certain area for dining packages like they do know for tours, etc. someone in one of my Disney groups just made reservations for the parade dining packages, for January 11 but gave her no details? Weird!

  • I don’t see how this is any fair at all. It’s a STREET parade. Fantasmic I understood the need for dining packages more because it’s a staged show, but PTN and other street parades are for all guests of Disneyland to enjoy. Now you’re taking away seating for all and turning into seating for few. Not a good idea.

  • Yes please, have a vegan option. Blue Bayou shouldn’t be a problem, but Aladdin’s Oasis does not have an option. Too much cheese, not enough salad.

  • When will these be available to book?

  • Will the menu options for this dining package start including any vegan options?

  • This is great news! Will the dining packages start on parades on the 11th onwards – or is that only the date that bookings open?

  • This is great! When can we book, since regular dining reservations are already available during that time?

  • We would do this in a heartbeat, but it needs to include a chair seat, and not just a spot on the curb. We did the Fantasmic dinner package last week, and it’s not easy for older folks like us to sit on the ground! We would happily pay more for a chair, like we had for the Fantasmic dessert package we did last year!

  • Erin where will preferred dining guests vs. regular guests be watching the parade from on Main Street U.S.A?

    I hope they don’t take my viewing areas away on Main Street U.S.A. They took my one and only viewing area for Fantasmic! away. I don’t want to loose my Paint the Night viewing areas.

  • Main Street is one of my favorite areas to watch Paint the Night and Disneyland Forever. How much of main street will the dining package guests be taking? Is it the benched areas near the partners statue? I’m curious to know more! ^_^

  • This is awesome. We are heading to DLR in April. Was going to the blue bayou anyway, for a reserved seat yes!!!! Hoping we can just stay through the fireworks and maybe a little something extra like the seat. I would so pay extra.

  • It connected to me as I hit send that Fantasmic would be closed for a period of time. Hopefully this means with it returns Fantasmic dining will have all new offerings.

  • @Autumn – Blue Bayou Fantasmic packages won’t be offered past January 11, as Fantasmic will be dark.

  • Autumn, they’re using this in lieu of Fantasmic since that closes due to the Star Wars construction.

  • Autumn – Fantasmic goes dark on January 11th for more than a year. So they don’t want to lose the income, thus creating this! Guessing it will be the same menu as what is currently the BB Fantasmic package!

  • Will the reserved seating continue through the Fireworks as well ?

  • This is AMAZING new Erin <3 A BIG "Thank You" to Disneyland Guest Relations for listening to this suggestion. My ONLY question. Why are you using the already hard to book Blue Bayou that offers Fantasmic Dining instead of Plaza Inn or Carnation Cafe?

  • Will you be able to stay and watch the fireworks after?

  • I love this! Will Blue Bayou packages be a seated or standing section?

  • Chairs would be nice since I miss the old VIP Fantasmic seating.

  • Will they switch to Fast Pass only though?

    • No – Guests may still view the parade as they have before.

  • Any word if this will include a souvenir cushion as the Fantasmic! Blue Bayou package offering did?

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