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One-of-a-Kind Ganachery at Disney Springs to Open Dec. 15, Celebrating Chocolate, ‘the Most Beautiful Product in the World’

A whole new experience for Walt Disney World Resort guests debuts December 15 at Disney Springs – the Ganachery, showcasing hand-crafted chocolate, “the most beautiful product in the world,” says Disney Pastry Chef Stefan Riemer.


Stepping inside this jewel-box shop is reminiscent of an apothecary of another era, as a chocolatier is similar to a scientist, says Chef Stefan. (Look up at the elegant chandelier made with copper saucepans, a classic tool of the trade.) The lovely little space elevates sweets to an experience akin to a wine tasting.


Chef Stefan has spent the last couple of years on an international quest for the world’s best chocolate for this stylish new boutique. “It has nothing to do with ‘candy,’” he explains. This isn’t about sugar and sweets, but pure and simple chocolate. The star of the show is a custom-made ganache, a luxurious, proprietary mixture of melted chocolate and cream.


The trend in the United States is dark chocolate, and the Ganachery uses a bold, 65 percent dark chocolate made with a touch of vanilla for “a beautiful balance of fruitiness and acidity,” explains Chef Stefan. The shop offers both milk and dark so that there is something for everyone.


A well-trained chocolatier will greet guests as they enter The Ganachery, where an expert will be on stage mixing, decorating and enrobing each delicate bite. For Chef Stefan, this quality of chocolate is like a fine wine, to be appreciated – but the experience won’t be intimidating as the chocolatier encourages guests to try one of the 16 different ganaches made in house.


“Textures, tastes, colors – this is about relaxing and enjoying a bite-size indulgence,” says Chef Stefan. He mentions flavors such a dark chocolate with a touch of shaved Egyptian salt, or a simple milk chocolate with a dash of dark chocolate and a pinch of Sri Lankan cinnamon. The signature flavor is dark chocolate with a note of Florida orange. All of the flavors fall into four categories: Spices, such a chipotle; Classic, such as orange, vanilla and caramel; Trendy, such as matcha yuzu chocolate; and Fruit, such as passion fruit and calamansi. There’s nothing ordinary about these tastes.

Even the boxes are a work of art – big flavors wrapped in tiny, beautiful boxes are a lovely souvenir.

To add an element of delicious whimsy, nine varieties of custom-made chocolate bars (not made in house) celebrate Disney’s iconic destinations and the “Fab Five” (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck). The Aulani bar, for instance, is white chocolate with pineapple and coconut; the Disneyland Paris bar is dark chocolate with liquid caramel and fleur de sel; the Disneyland Resort bar is milk chocolate with raisins and almonds (an ode to California’s top crops); the Minnie bar is milk chocolate with dried strawberries.

So it’s all about the world’s finest artisan chocolates – with one exception for the winter holidays. Chef Stefan has created a baked mini-stollen, the classic German fruit bread, this one covered with marzipan, then enrobed in a dark chocolate blend. This is one treat we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.


  • I’m a chocolate lover and bought a box to take back to California after being in Orlando for one week! I figured when I started to feel my vacation withdrawals I would crack into it. My only regret is not bringing back enough:/ I would have gotten a few of the bars and would have put together two more boxes. Chocolate like no other and believe me, I have options in SF:) I hope they ship out to Cali:)

  • Will we be able to mail order chocolate

  • Jodi, I just saw the signs last week, it’s right across from Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar and the Boathouse…in that area!

  • I saw the sign for this place last week and I’m so excited that it’s opening soon!!

  • Oooooh boy! I know what I’m asking Santa to bring me–anything and everything from the Ganachery! Where at Disney Springs will it be located?

  • James’ wife here – hmmmm maybe it is a good thing after all living 1100 miles away lol I’d have to taste test daily! I’ll just have to be patient until our Spring visit to WDW and the new Disney Springs!!! Counting down the days already.


  • Do you know if this shop will carry an vegan options? These look great!

  • I can’t wait to visit when we come in January!! I think my family might have to drag me out…

  • Darn! We leave the 14th…. Guess I’ll have to wait until April next year!

  • Is Disney Springs getting rid of Ghiardelli? Now that was my favorite place. I’m hoping to have TWO favorite places to go to at Disney Springs.

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