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Watch Our Live-Stream Of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights Tonight At 10:30 p.m. EST

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Update: This event has concluded.

Thanks for joining us for tonight’s live stream of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While our live stream event has concluded, here’s your chance to scroll through the lights yourself.

This interactive image is best viewed on your computer in the Safari browser. It is not available to view on a mobile device. If you are having trouble with the plugin try updating Quick Time on your computer. To view the full-size experience, click here.

With your mouse, click on the image, hold and scroll left to right, up and down. Using the directional arrow keys, simply tap left, right, up or down to view the lights. To zoom in hold down the ‘shift’ button. To zoom out, hold down the ‘control’ button


  • Smyrna, DE – Watched last night with my wife asleep on the couch next to me. A least we will see it first hand next week:)

  • Will you be saving the feed anywhere? my nieces were too tired to stay up to watch!

  • Loving this all the way from Singapore! Sad that I’ll never get to see it in person though

    • Hello from across the world! We’re happy you were able to experience it!

  • Watching from my hospital call room waiting to deliver a baby. Too busy to visit in person this season and was so sad to miss I last experience so being able to watch tonight was wonderful!! Thanks a bunch

    • Sounds like you’re having an entertaining dinner break! Best of luck!

  • Memories !
    Thank you for putting this show of lights up !
    Looking forward to Dec 6th & the show over in the M K including Wishes !

  • Oh, forgot to mention. We are from Plainfield IL, soon to be in Florida

  • Watched with my family and will be there next week to see the real thing.
    Sorry it is the last year.

  • NYC. Loved it. Thank you!

  • That was a Magical stream! Thank you very much! Every time I see that it brings tears to my eyes, it is so wonderful and magical to see all those lights! I Love Christmas and Disney, so to have them both at the same time is extra magical! My wife and I are going to miss the Osbourn lights! I wish Disney could keep them or move them to a different location. When I’m there in person it brings tears to my eyes! I hope Disney understands how many people LOVE this and want it to stay! Merry Christmas to all, Peace on Earth!!!!!

    • Happy holidays, Kim. We’re happy you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to join us for our next live stream on Dec. 6 of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

  • Wonderful! Thanks for letting us view from Texas. This has always been a family favorite when visiting the parks during the holidays. We will definitely miss The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights!

  • Watched alone at home in Florissant, Missouri. Tried to show it to my 30 year old son, he didn’t want to watch. I think it’s because we will be in WDW in 27 days, and he wants to see it for the first time in person, with HIS son!! I saw the Lights in 2001 and 2002, but don’t believe they were dancing then! This is better than ever, and so glad we are going before they disappear.

    • We hope you enjoy your upcoming trip! Be sure to enjoy the holiday offerings at all our parks!

  • Northern Ohio !

  • Watching from Ohio. Beautiful show. Breathtaking to see in person. Absolutely heartbroken it’s the last year. It has been my favorite Christmas attraction at Walt Disney World for years. Please, please bring it back for many years to come. It would look beautiful anywhere in Disney.

  • Watching from Ottawa, Canada! I remember when we there in 2008 and 2009, it was a must-see both times. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Northwest Florida! I am so sad to see this go 🙁 Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Watched from Hamburg, PA. Thanks for live streaming events like this. I’m sad that we were unable to visit WDW this year during the holidays and this really helped make me feel like I’m there. Looking forward to the next live stream event.

  • I watched from Sun City Center, FL. I saw them in person last week, but it never gets old. Thanks for the stream!

  • So happy to be able to see the lights before they are no longer. Saw the lights 4 years ago and always said I would go back at Christmas time again to be able to see them. Thanks for the live streaming.

  • Watched from Anaheim CA. Pretty cool. Bring it out to Disneyland!

  • Watching from Saint Petersburg, FL. Thanks for posting, loved it, & can’t wait to see them in person later this year!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! 🙂

  • Loved the light show it was great!! Thanks for the announcement on December 8 also.

    • It’s actually Sunday, December 6. We’ll have more info and timing soon!

  • Was great to see the lights. Wishing I was able to see the in person…

  • I’m watching from Santa Fe, New Mexico and wishing I was there!

    • We’re happy we could bring you this special presentation!

  • I’m watching from Brasília, Brazil. I was there a week ago! I love those lights! They are magical!

    • Thanks!

  • Watching from New Plymouth, New Zealand. Makes me ready to come back home to the States for Christmas.

  • I’m sitting here in Southeast Texas, watching with all my rescue pets. This is the closest I’ll get to seeing the lights this year, unfortunately. I wish I could see them one last time. They are the best thing about Christmas at WDW.

    • Happy holidays to you and all the pets!

  • We just watched from Plymouth, MA. Thanks for the touch of holiday magic! 🙂 We’re sad we’ll just miss these when we head to WDW on January 5 for the WDW marathon, so this was a nice treat.

    • Thanks for tuning in and best of luck at the race.

  • Thanks for another great presentation!!!!Awesome to see the lights sorry that they are going away!! Thanks for the announcement about December 6 I will be waiting impatiently!!!

  • Rio Rancho, NM!

  • Watched from Atl,GA w/my wife. Thank You Disney Parks Blog!

    • Thank YOU!

  • That was AWESOME! Can’t wait to watch on December 6th for the other Christmas goodies. Thanks WDW!

  • We just watched the live feed and it was wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this final season of the Osborne Family Lights with those of us who could not be there in person 🙂

  • So disappointed this is the last year for the lights. They are beautiful and magical! I am excited for what is replacing it – but its shame these can’t be used somewhere. One of our favorites in WDW – thankful we had the opportunity to see them in the past. 🙂

    • We’re happy we could bring you this presentation. Happy holidays.

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