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Wildlife Wednesday: Animals Love Pumpkins!

We are thankful to care for these amazing animals every day … and, recently, the animals showed us they are thankful for pumpkins!

Our animals love enrichment, including toys, scents and special food treats, including pumpkins! Enrichment is stimulating and fun for the animals, and it’s an important part of their care. Different types of enrichment enable the animals to make choices about their environment and encourage natural behaviors.

Here are just a few of our animals recently enjoying some fall enrichment at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Happy Thanksgiving!



  • I love seeing the October pumpkins video every year–A soccer ball to the elephants, a chase-ball to the tigers, a drum for the gorillas, and apple-bobbing for the hippos. 🙂

  • Such a happy video! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Dr. Jackie!

  • This is such a cute video and I love it. It’s great to see the Halloween pumpkins being put to good use. Not only to eat, but as a toy and a challenge for the animals to use and explore. I loved the baby gorilla and the mum when she collected the pumpkin for her baby after the pumpkin rolled away. SO Cute!! Thank you

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