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A Holiday Musical Treat: ‘Deck the Halls’ Performed by Voices of Liberty

I’m pretty strict about some of my own holiday traditions. Case in point: the month-or-so period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is the only time I will listen to – on loop, non-stop – songs of the season. I probably have more than a dozen versions of “Jingle Bells” on my personal play list.

That’s why I enjoy the Voices of Liberty during this festive time period. Their a capella versions of holiday tunes are even more beautiful with the acoustics of the rotunda at the American Adventure Pavilion.

Here’s their version of “Deck the Halls.”


  • Voices can do no wrong. I’ve been hooked since 1992.

    Victoria, if you extend your listening period another five days, that will get you through the twelve days of Christmas. Otherwise, you’ll never get to see the ten lords a leaping or the nine ladies dancing!

  • Love them!

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