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Memory Maker Pricing Updates at Walt Disney World Resort

Kelly Glassburn

by , Manager of Marketing & Communications, Disney’s PhotoPass Service

Are you ready to snap up unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital downloads during your Walt Disney World Resort vacation? Then listen up, because Disney PhotoPass Service has introduced new Memory Maker pricing.

The price for the advance-purchase Memory Maker product (which does not include photos taken within three days of purchase) is now $149. The price for the standard Memory Maker product (which can be used immediately upon purchase) is now $169.

Remember, when you add Memory Maker to your vacation, you’ll receive unlimited digital downloads of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation memories, including:

  • All your Disney PhotoPass photos, including Character Experiences and Magic Shots
  • Photos from select attraction and dining locations
  • Magical extras like Animated Magic Shots and videos from select attractions*

Be sure to capture your picture-perfect memories with Disney PhotoPass Service and Memory Maker during your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation!

*A MagicBand is required for certain features, including attraction videos.



  • I have paid $169 in December 2015 for Memory Maker. The price has come down by $20. I called and they said they would issue a $20 credit. Where can I find it? I will be coming to Disney in 11 days.

  • I just used memory maker last week! I paid the reduced 149 in advanced of our vacation and think that it is still a little expensive, and I would not have gotten it if it was over 150. If you are going on vacation and want to know if it is worth it, it is. Me and my mom took about 150 photos and we were able to download them all! It makes sense if you plan on buying any of the photos they take. If you download them separately without memory maker each one costs about 15 bucks! When using memory maker they also add in some really nice photos of each park that you can use when making photo books/ scrapbooks. Overall I think it would make wonderful family photos that are great quality. I have an iPhone 6s plus and obviously these professional cameras have much more power and higher resolution photos. I also have an SLR camera and would much rather purchase this 150 dollar package then carry it around and watch it get ruined in the Disney Parks.

  • My family has purchased the Memory Maker every time we have gone to Disney and love the results. There are so many opportunities for great photos and making some wonderful memories. I love coming home and altering the pictures with the great stickers and graphics which make all the pictures even more special. Some of my favorite were from our son’s firs trip and able to add the sticker that said 1st visit and the year. Every year I make a small collage of the pictures to hang in the house. Totally worth every penny

  • I spent 2 weeks in Walt Disney World last summer, and Memory Maker was so worth it! I got over 200 pictures, including some really fun “stock photos” that Disney put in. The system recognizes when you get a picture taken somewhere… such as the Hoop Dee Doo… and puts in appropriate stock photos. I’m going again next month for just 3 days in the parks. I’m not sure if I can justify the $149, but I’m thinking about it.

  • Timothy, We got about 160 photos over a 7 day trip. This is very low. I have seen many post stating they got 300-400 for a week. The most I have seen anyone claim is over 3000!! I figure that was a 3 week + trip. It really depends on how often you want to stop to get your pic taken. But definitely worth it.

  • Kathy, you might want to check the advance-purchase ticket pricing. When I looked at it recently, they had changed the AP price to include Memory Maker for the year. If you go frequently, that would definitely be worth it!

  • The memory maker for USD169 is a payment that I made for one time and covers all the trips to the differents parks forever? or I have to pay in an annual way fees to download my photos?

  • For those that have used this service, how many pictures did you end up getting? thx

  • Kathy, It covers all pictures taken within 30 days from when you download the first picture using your memory maker entitlement. I have been able to make it span across several trips due to this.

  • We go to the parks frequently (3-4 times a month). Does the price of the Memory Maker cover only one trip to the park, or will it be good for the year? Anybody know?

  • We purchased this for our trip over the Summer and found it was definitely worth the money. We captured some great memories and the best part was coming away with so many photos that included our entire family since one of us wasn’t behind the camera.

  • I received a email stating price of MM went down since I booked my reservations. I would like the credit to be put on my room instead of having to use it on your on line photo store. Agent on phone told me to check out on line store first, nothing I want on there….How do I get my credit ? Can I cancel MM then repurchase at new price?

  • I have used it on our last time and it worth every penny. We are going again this summer and already bought it. All the pictures ate timeless and beautiful and magical.

  • We used the memory maker/photopass service during our WDW vacation between Thankgiving and Christmas last year. Disney added some magical touches to a few photos and included some of their own pics. Everyone can get into the picture rather than having one left out while they take a pic or asking a stranger to take a pic. It’s a great service and I will use it every time I return.

  • I just got an email from Disney saying they are giving me a 20 dollar credit to use to make up for the difference I already payed.

  • I am going to Disney World over the holidays and have pre-bought memory maker at the previous price of $169, would I be able to be refunded the $20 difference since the prices have since been reduced and the memory maker has not been used yet?

  • My family Advance Purchased this for our last WDW trip. We loved it! So many great shots, animated Magic Shots (mp4’s), videos from a couple of the rides (mp4’s), and the extras. I highly recommend it!
    Yes, you’ll probably have your own camera and phone for photos, but you’ll have these too! We were also able to download our photos on our phone daily and our computer, then when we returned home, we downloaded the whole lot.

  • Used the service this summer, and initially thought that it was expensive. But having seen all the results, and the number of photographs we have got, then it turned out to be great value for money with some wonderful memories

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