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Wallpaper: It’s National ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater Day’!

Simone Miranda

by , Creative Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Have you ever wondered what an ugly sweater would look like Disney style?

Well, wonder no more! Though, I must say, this sweater is less “ugly” and more “delightful!”

Brittany Ungvrasky, our “Ugly Christmas Sweater” designer, racked her brain to combine the thoughts of a hideous jumper with something iconically Disney. The happy result was a digitally “stitched” design that leans toward the adorable. It is Disney after all!

Take a peek at some of the mobile versions, they are just slightly different from the desktop designs!

15_PR_00000_BLOG_Ugly Sweater_WLLPPR_v1_bu_DSKTP_1366x768


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