California Farm Prepares New Home for Big Thunder Ranch Petting Farm Animals

Donna Fisk

by , Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

As we prepare to wish our Disneyland goats a fond farewell, we’re happy to announce that they have found a wonderful forever home on a farm in Murrieta, Calif. The farm’s owner, Jenelle, already cares for four former Disneyland goats on her farm: Jane, Lilo, Medusa and Penny. We spoke with Jenelle recently, and her love for our Disneyland goats is abundant. She’s looking forward to welcoming all the goats (and our sheep and donkeys, too)! Click on the video below to meet Jenelle and see the farm where the all the Disneyland goats will scamper and play together beneath beautiful open skies.

You can visit our friends at Big Thunder Ranch Petting Farm at Disneyland park now through January 10.


  • She mentions how the goats love the people. Can they be visited? Inland Farm isn’t a real working farm in Murrieta. How do we go see them?

  • Will miss the animals. Loved seeing them there and I also think that Walt loved the thought of having real animals around especially as he originally wanted the Jungle Cruise to have live animals, but it was just too hard to do. But we all have to adapt and change with the times and allow for expansion. I hope the animals enjoy their new homes.

  • I thought there was a cow too?

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and it is worth pointing out that when Disneyland opened in 1955, Frontierland was the largest land. This was due to the fact that westerns were popular at the time. Plus, it was a way for Walt Disney to promote his Davy Crockett show. But today, westerns have gone out of style. Also, it’s no secret that Disneyland has a big space issue. When new attractions are added to the park, they almost always have to replace existingg attractions.

    It is a real shame that the ranch is closing. (It first opened in 1986.) But at least Frontierland will still exist.

  • Disneyland should be a place where both old and new traditions thrive. Although this Star Wars craze is what Davy Crockett was to my generation, I still wish that Disney would have not eliminated Big Thunder Ranch and other attractions for the upcoming Star Wars Land. Yes, Disneyland should always be evolving. However, I wish your financial and creative team would have considered keeping some of these old traditional attractions. It is just as thrilling as petting a farm animal or enjoying a Big Thunder Ranch barbecue at a secluded part of Frontierland as it is engaging in the high tech experience of Star Wars. There is room for both worlds.

  • We are so sad to see this area going away. Loved eating at the ranch and spending time with the animals. The cast members there were so helpful and actually inspired my daughter to want to work with animals, especially if she could do it for Disney. She cried for over an hour when she found out it was leaving. We have many great memories there with Santa and such. Glad to see the goats are going to a happy home. My daughter knows all their names and can identify them just by looking at them.

  • Thank you for sharing this. Visiting the animals at Big Thunder Ranch was my favorite Disneyland experience but I am thankful that I have been placed into a good home. I wish them much happiness!!

  • While its nice they have a good home, its still sad to see this little part of the park going away from Star Wars. We enjoyed seeing them each time in the parks and the Cast Members that took care of them as well. The nice quiet area of the park will be missed by many of us.

  • Perfect. The goats didn’t really belong in DL anyway (Mickey, Minny, Jack Skellington, and Penny the Goat?!?!?!?), and moving them to a great new home to make way for a different kind of beast, Star Wars, is fabulous.

  • It’s good to know that they have a nice new home.

  • Even though I’m really sad they won’t be at Disneylandy anymore, I’m happy to hear they will be all together and have so much open space and love.

  • Wish there was somewhere in Frontierland they could have stayed. But appreciate that you shared with us where they will soon be enjoying their life.

  • That is great news, but where did the cow go too?

  • Nice to hear. Still would like some kind of petting zoo at Disneyland Resort. Critter Country or the state park area in DCA can’t have one?

  • I’m still disappointed that you couldn’t have found a new place for the petting zoo within the park (I mean, does SWL have to be that big?), but at least you found a caring home for them.

  • I will miss those adorable little goats and all the other beautiful and sweet animals from Big Thunder Ranch. But it is so comforting to know they will be together and will all be in a wonderful and loving home.

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