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Disney Easter Hops Into Tokyo Disneyland Park March 25

Grab your baskets and comfy shoes: Mickey Mouse will host a “secret Easter garden” race at Tokyo Disneyland during “Disney’s Easter.” Springtime fun begins March 25 and runs through June 15.

Disney Easter Hops Into Tokyo Disneyland Park March 25 Disney Easter Hops Into Tokyo Disneyland Park March 25

The “Hippity-Hoppity Springtime” parade debuts new music with Mickey, Minnie and their pals dressed in new threads and bunny ears. It includes three stops along the parade route for an egg race hosted by Mickey.

Disney Easter Hops Into Tokyo Disneyland Park March 25 Disney Easter Hops Into Tokyo Disneyland Park March 25

The “Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland” sends guests on an egg hunt around the park. You’ll have three courses to choose from, of different levels of difficulty, in this separate ticketed event.

Which character would you want to help you with your egg hunt?


  • My nephew and I will be there during that time. I choose Mike.

    • Mike Wazowski? He’ll definitely be able to keep an eye out for those colorful eggs!

  • Any information on Easter celebrations at Disney World?

  • Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for posting this.

    I would like to ask what is meant by “separate ticketed event”. Have they decided to make this a exclusive park experience like the Halloween parties in the US Disney Parks or like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at WDW?

    For the past several years when I’ve participated in the Easter Egg Hunt at TDL it was something you were able to do during normal park operating hours. Special course maps were available for purchace which provided instructions for completing the egg hunt activity. Each map purchase included a price you receive after completing the course. The same idea has recently been implemented at DLR for their Easter season offering.

    A completly new Easter Egg after hours event at TDL would be something I really would be interested in attending!

    • Thanks for asking, Roger. The Egg Hunt in Tokyo Disneyland is in Japanese only, and is an additional cost to participate, depending on the difficulty level you choose. Good luck!

  • Hi Victoria! Do you happen to know if Tokyo DisneySea will also be celebrating Spring during the same time this year? I have enjoyed the Spring Festival at DisneySea immensely and was planning on going back again this year to see the wonderful shows!

  • Dug the dog, from Up! Unless, of course, squirrels appear….

    • Smart pick, Dustin!

  • Hi Victoria! Would you be able to help me with the time of the parade as in what time does the parade start? Also what time does the “happiness is here” take place

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