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#DisneyGrandAdventure: Magical Memories for Multi-Generation Families at Walt Disney World Resort

Paula Hall

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort Multi-Generational Travel

Hello and Happy New Year! My name is Paula and I’m a Public Relations manager for Walt Disney World Resort multi-generational travel, as well as a dream-to-be grandparent. I have seen many multi-generation families enjoying the Disney theme parks, and each time I see a grandparent smile at his or her little grandchild I can’t help but smile too. With two children approaching age thirty, I’m anxiously awaiting the day I finally have my own grandchildren to take to the parks and see this magical place through their eyes. In the meantime, I’m thrilled to begin the conversation about the many wonderful experiences grandparents and multi-generation families can enjoy together at Walt Disney World Resort with this new series, #DisneyGrandAdventure.


In this series, I will share travel tips, vacation planning advice, heartfelt stories and inspiring videos to help families traveling with guests of all ages plan the perfect Walt Disney World Resort family vacation. From spectacular entertainment and fun character greetings to thrilling attractions and delicious dining experiences (my favorite!), there is something for every family member to enjoy at Walt Disney World Resort. So let’s get the conversation started! Share your favorite Disney World family vacation memory in the comments below. Perhaps your memories will inspire future memories for fellow Disney families!

Keep checking the blog for #DisneyGrandAdventure posts in the months to come and learn more about the Grand Adventure for Grandparents & Grandkids at

I’m thrilled to talk with all of you and look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas. Here’s to making Walt Disney World Resort multi-generational family vacations more magical for everyone!


  • Let the younger generation “talk you into” some attractions. When I was a child I went to Magic Kingdom with my grandma, great aunt, and my great grandfather. While in Tomorrowland my sister and I talked my great aunt into riding Space Mountain with us… I remember we laughed gleefully as she screamed the whole time. Afterwards, all we could talk about is how we had talked her into it, and we still reminisce about it today 🙂

  • We love going to Disney with Nana. Many times we partook in the grand adventures which used to be provided at the park. We plan on coming again in August with her great grandchildren now and those events will be sorely missed. Their dad has very fond memories of them. They should reinstate some.

  • It will be interesting to read. Our family had 5 of 6 generations at the parks back in November. We are looking forward to more trips with my family, my great grandson had a great time and ready to go back

    • I’m very happy to hear your grandson had a great time and is ready to come back, Stephanie. Family trips are a lot of fun!

  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Paula!

    • Thank you, Skip! Hope to hear about your #DisneyGrandAdventure!

  • My granddad got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010 and one of my fav trips to Disneyland was with both my Grams & Granddad, my mom, aunt & uncle, and 2 of my teenage cousins. My granddad was starting to lose his memory around that time but he still enjoyed the rides and was willing to go on everything! I’m also glad we got to go with my Grams before she passed away. One of her “dreams” was to see Disneyland at Christmas (she hadn’t been there since the 60s) and she enjoyed every moment of it. We were all adults (or almost adults) and I know for all the grandkids, it was special seeing my grandparents experience the magic.

    • Oh, Lisa, thank you very much for sharing your heartfelt Disneyland memories. Very special. Time spent with family is surely forever treasured. I’m so happy your Grandma was able to enjoy the park in your company and all of her grandchildren.

  • I am by no means an expert but more a seasoned veteran of traveling to WDW with children and grandchildren.

  • I have taken by granddaughter thrice to WDW&DL once& am planning another visit to WDW with her August. The first time she was a year old, the second WDW and DL when she was 2 and the third when she was three. This next visit she will be four. I have researched and planned extensively for all of these visits. Each has been progressively more active as she has gotten older and more involved

    • Susan, must be really nice to have traveled with your granddaughter to Disney Parks all these times. I am sure you have great tips. I’d love to hear more from a seasoned Disney traveler!

  • So excited about this blog. We are planning our first ever trip to DisneyWorld for October 2016. We are bringing our 2 children and our 5 (turning 6 while we are there) year old grandson and I am reading, researching and learning everything I can to make our trip wonderful so I will be actively watching the blog.

    • Thank you, Sherry. I’m so happy to hear about your family’s first trip to Walt Disney World. Our #DisneyGrandAdventure page can help you plan your trip as well. Planning makes all the difference!

  • I will be interested in reading! In June we will be down with my Grandma. She will have two of her sons, two of her grandsons, 4 of her great grandson and one great, great grandson and daughter! Her first trip to WDW since the early 80’s!! I am not sure who to watch more, her or my great niece!! 135 days!!!

    • Wow! That’s great Scott, I’m counting the days with you. A lot has changed since the 80’s. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. Please share your #DisneyGrandAdventure with us!

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