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#DisneyKids: New ‘Lion Guard Adventure’ to Debut at Animal Kingdom February 7

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

Attention Disney Channel and Disney Junior fans! Watchers of “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar,” the hit TV movie that just debuted on Disney Channel in November, will soon be able to become honorary members of the Lion Guard in a brand new Disney’s Animal Kingdom experience called The Lion Guard Adventure.


The fun starts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on February 7. This interactive experience will allow young guests to explore the park in search of five main characters from “The Lion Guard” – Kion, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono, who are represented as colorful statues that are perfect for a kid-sized photo-ops. Like the movie, the experience encourages interest in protecting animals and caring for nature. Once they complete the adventure, each child can take a special pledge to become an honorary member of “The Lion Guard” and receive a special button.

The experience will be offered in Disney’s Animal Kingdom through late March, as one of many activities celebrating the debut of “The Lion Guard” series on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.


  • We will be coming for the Star Wars Half Marathon and would love to take our son who loves the show and the games in the Disney Jr app.

  • I read on another blog that Disney plans for this to run through the first week of April. I hope they extend the adventure because my 6 year old LOVES the Lion Guard!!

  • This sounds like an amazing experience. We have all the episodes on the DVR and watch them constantly. Unfortunately our trip is not until April. A date extension would be very much welcomed to allow us to participate.

  • Any chance there will be another Lion Guard ‘thing to do’? We will be there just after this adventure ends. 🙁 🙁 Lion Guard is #1 for both my kids- above all princesses & pirates. They will be so sad if there isn’t anything there to celebrate their favorite Disney creation.

  • My son will be SOOOOOOO Disappointed…. We don’t arrive till June. He loves the Lion Guard and I have the pilot memorized! I hope the statues are still up at least!!!! This would be a great way to engage the kiddos!

  • I can’t wait to play the Lion Guard Adventure in Nov 2016! Awesome! i Love the Lion Guard!

  • Another “vote” for extending the experience. My son would have a blast participating in this activity. He is a huge Lion Guard fan! Not visiting until July.

  • No! We’re missing this by one week. Our kids would love it. Any chance the statues will be on display before the 7th at least?

  • What a fantastic adventure for little ones! My 4yr old is obsessed with the Lion Guard. I really hope Disney will consider extending this adventure since we’re not due to visit until May. It would make my son’s day!

  • We will be there just in time! So looking forward to this, I was only planning a half day at AK originally with 2 toddlers but now there is something to keep their interest as we go through all the lands. AK is my favorite park but they weren’t even interested until I said we could see the Lion Guard.

  • Really wish this continued into early May for my boys. They both love The Lion Guard and have an absolute blast doing the Wilderness Explorers. Sounds like a great idea!

  • Eric– Even if it was replacing it (which it’s not) it would not be the worst thing in the world. If attractions stayed the same forever, the parks would slowly become stale.

  • Oh man, we’ll be there through Feb. 5th. We’ll just miss it, my two year old loves the Lion Guard!

  • Oh, whew, so it’s temporary, and not REPLACING Russel & Dug’s Wilderness Explorer adventure?

  • I was the headline and was immediately excited for my little ones that absolutely love The Lion Guard. But that quickly disappeared as I realized that even though we have a trip planned, it’s a few months too late. Looks like we’ll miss the 7 or so weeks this will be offered. Here’s to hoping it gets extended.

  • Such a shame that this won’t run longer than through late March. This is a hit in our house and most people can’t plan trips around a 6-8 week window that starts within a month. It was great to see something else added to AK but then a big letdown considering the timeline. Hope they consider extending it…

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