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Experience Disney PhotoPass Service in New Ways at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort guests will soon get to experience Disney PhotoPass Service in a whole new way! With a new website, access to your memories on the Disneyland mobile app and new photo opportunities – we are gearing up for an exciting year.


Plan Your Visit, Book Your Reservations and View Your Memories
You’re already visiting to plan and book your visit, and now your photos will also live there too!

Access to Your Memories, at Your Fingertips
Link, view, purchase and download your Disney PhotoPass photos using the Disneyland mobile app.

We are Adding Even More Magic to Our Magic Shots
Our new Animated Magic Shots add animation to your photos to make you the star of your very own video memory.

Capture More Memories than Ever
With new photographer locations and a new product, Disney PhotoPass+ One Day, you’ll be collecting more photos than ever.

We’ll be giving you an inside look into all that’s arriving in the coming days. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog for more details!


  • We are planning on a Disneyland VA action in September. I am not impressed with this new photo pass system. Does anyone know if they have a multi day pass? It seems ridiculous to spend $200 on photos. We are going to be in the parks for 5 days. Also we are planning on doing our character meals (2) on the days we don’t go to the parks. That way we can actually relax,eat, and enjoy the experience instead of having to hurry so we can get to the park. Also do you have to purchase each picture on top of the photo pass price? This will get very expensive. And no cute borders anymore? Why not that is what made the pictures so much fun. If anyone could help me with my questions it would be much appreciated.

  • Seems if you’re coming for 8 or 10 days, it might be just as economical to buy a Signature Annual Pass, which includes Photopass.

  • I am very concerned with these comments. My fam of 6 are arriving in March for 8 days I am interested in the pp but it doesn’t sound like I should waste my money. Please change my mind WDW!

  • I have been trying for two days now to download my photos, but I just keep getting an error message. I wanted to get the entire collection. When will the new site be fixed?

  • I just linked our Jan 14-17 to my account. So with Disneyland’s new PhotoPass Website, we 1. Can’t add borders to our pictures anymore? 2. Purchase a CD of all of our pictures? and 3. Have to now purchase pictures from “per day” and not from a multiple day trip? Dislike and thumbs down.

    I agree with hermila, in that “The old PhotoPass+ was a terrific value to the guests.”

  • Will they be still having the photo-pass for the entire visit like previously or has that gone? We are visitors for 10 days each year (australian) and we go home with over 200 photos on our pass and wouldnt be cost effective to buy 1 day at a time
    Also with the new product can you only download your pics to your phone can you do it via desktop as well?

  • So Disney took care of their locals with Photopass additions to APs. And they took care of the one day guests. What about those who visit the parks for 5 days? I’m really perplexed by this.

  • The old PhotoPass+ was a terrific value to the guests. I really enjoyed it on my last visit, and am saddened to have only been able to use it once. So far, there doesn’t seem to be as much bang for the buck with the new product. My family will go for 5 days at a time, and I haven’t read anything to make me plan to use this service on future visits. Disney, tell those of us who knew what a great deal PP+ used to be why the new product is better!

  • Excited for the one day pass! I am interested to see what it’s going to all entail, and how much. We did photopass at WDW in the fall, and it was so worth it! I have pictures of our engagement that I certainly never would have if I hadnt done it.

    Hoping it’s available to buy for my one day visit on 2/6!

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