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Experience Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show One More Time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

As many of you know, our historic expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will bring new, spectacular experiences to the park, including entire lands inspired by the blockbuster Star Wars and Toy Story films.

Recently, we shared that the park’s Star Wars-themed land will transport guests to a never-before-seen planet with new experiences that’ll include a customized secret mission on the Millennium Falcon and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts everyone in the middle of a climactic battle.

And in Toy Story Land, Andy’s backyard will come to life and the famous little green aliens from the movie will take you for a spin in their very own flying saucers. A family-friendly roller coaster will also have you riding on the back of Slinky Dog.


In order to bring our new lands to life, the first steps of the expansion will be happening soon. We wanted to let you know that Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and nearby locations around Streets of America will be closing on April 2, 2016. The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show attraction will continue its daily shows until the closing date.

While the new areas of the park come to life, we’ll continue bringing new things to Disney’s Hollywood Studios such as the recent opening of Star Wars Launch Bay, the nighttime spectacular “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” and Sunset Showcase.

Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more updates on our largest-ever expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – we’ll have more information to share with you soon.


  • Such a disappointment LMA closed, not everyone likes Star Wars

  • This is such a disappointment. Our family was really looking forward to LCA. It was one of two reasons we were visiting Hollywood Studios. I think it is unfortunate that events that make this park what it is are being removed and replaced by two movies that may not interest everyone. It sounds like this event was always packed. It is too bad that Star Wars couldn’t have been squeezed in somewhere else and replace attractions that aren’t so popular. Sadly, our trip to Hollywood Studios will now only consist of the Indiana Jones show and dinner. This will be our first and only trip to this park. Back to Magic Kingdom it is!

  • Hi I will be there april 6th-12th by any chance will we get to see the new star wars fireworks ?

  • We will be visiting at the end of May 2016, I’m surprise that LMA is being taken away…My daughter has been talking and looking forward to watch this show. it will be a huge disappointment when she finds out.

  • I sgree with previous posters about the lack of diversity the park will have once everything is done. So many things are closing to make way for things based on just two themes. LMA is a unique show that can’t be seen anywhere else. Sure, there are some motorcycle stunt shows at fairs and such, but they are not nearly as exciting. This show is a must do and it is still very popular. It’s a shame the space LMA sits on was chosen to be converted into something else.

  • Hoping this means the Star Wars fireworks will be extended!! We are going in late April and were really hoping to be able to see them.

  • I NEED HELP!!! I am coming to Disney World the last week in April. One of the stops on my to do list was to the Writer’s Stop for the infamous “Carrot Cake Cookie”. Now that this is to be closed, will this staple snack of Hollywood Studios be made available elsewhere?

  • I’m looking at my park map to see what will be affected by the construction. I’ve heard that my beloved Writer’s Stop is going and the ABC Commissary and Sci-Fi Dine In are on that same “block” — do you know if those are being bulldozed also?

  • I love the idea of expansion . Expansion creates new opportunities. I am excited for those who will get to visit the Star Wars themed land and the Toy Story themed land when they are built , opened , and operating.
    However from what I have been taught and what I have seen over my years growing up that the things that happen behind the scenes that make the magic happen is what sets the studio experience from anything else and that is what things like Lights , Motors , Action Extreme Stunt Show , Animation Academy , Indiana Jones Stunt Show , The Earful Tower , etc . represented .
    They are ( or were ) the kind of things that gives
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios validity in its` name .
    My question here is how are the Disney People going to continue calling the park Disney’s Hollywood Studios when the activities that gives the park name validity like that are being sacrificed in the name of change and expansion ?
    And My bigger question is how are the Disney People going to entertain people in the Disney Parks during the peak season or when parks are overcrowded when they have so many attractions closed at one time at any one park ?
    Just thought I would ask .
    I welcome Star Wars and Toy Story lands but I am absorbing the feelings of those who enter the parks who wind up getting left out of the Disney Experience because so many people at one time are being attracted to the parks more than anything else on the Disney Properties .

  • I feel very privileged to have seen this fantastic show and I will really miss it. The talented men and women who put this show together are amazing and they really increased my understanding and appreciation of stunt work. The live shows are Disney are truly magical for the guests. Thank you, Lights Motor Action!

  • So is it True Indiana Jones Stunt Show will be Gone also.
    Also that they have plans on moving the front entrance of the park

  • Our family loves LMA! We have great memories of the show and whenever we watch movies or tv with car chase scenes we know what’s really going on 🙂
    Thanks Disney for all the great times and lifetime memories.

  • Hi Thomas! Do you know if Toy Story Mania is going to be moved there from Magic Kingdom?

  • There are some reports elsewhere that the Earful Tower is being taken down too, as well as “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” Movie Set Adventure, the Monsters Inc. meet and greet, Studio Catering Co., Youze Guys Moychondise, the Streets of America, the Prop Shop, and Watto’s Grotto. They have said that this is officially announced, yet you said “And no other additional closures are planned”. Can you confirm or deny that the rest are closing?

  • Can I ask Is Indiana Jones Going away?? I have heard that they are going to close it for good??
    What else is really closing ??

  • Will streets of America still be open for character photos?

  • Is there any thought of bringing back the backlot tour? that was one of the best rides to experience in the middle of a long day at HS or MGM Studios as it used to be known. On our honeymoon almost 22 years ago I was lucky enough to be picked to “star” in one of the movie sets that was performed. It is a shame that one ride is gone.

  • I love Star Wars, but eliminating everything else for it, will eliminate that park as far as repeated visiting. Streets of America was my favorite place. Even though I live in New York City, it was like time traveling back to a quieter time. I would go there to chill. Oh well, Disney has slowly eliminated my favorite places, Horizons, World of Motion. I loved the studio because it took you into the world of making movies. Unfortunately, nothing added recently peaks my interest. Avatar land being the least appealing. I couldn’t stand that film. So I guess I’m left with Magic Kingdom, some of Animal Kingdom and some of Epcot.

  • You identify “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” as a new attraction, but isn’t it seasonal? Seems like there are only a few attractions left for summer visitors. Won’t lines be really long as a result?

  • Several other places are claiming that the Earful Tower is also going to be removed soon… any truth to that statement?

  • I am very sad to learn of the closing of this fantastic attraction. My son and I have been attending the show every year it opened. The fire, the water spray, the action was magical. We loved sitting close to the water and feeling the heat. I am so glad I have “tons” of photos and my son has U Tube to watch. I know Walt said change is good, but we will sadly miss this attraction as well as Osbourne lights. We hope that the new attractions (Lands) will be over the top and super fantastic.

  • Is this closing to make room for Star Wars Land or the Toy Story Land expansion of the parks?

  • Muppet Vision is not going anywhere.

  • I am excited for the upcoming changes! I have enjoyed Lights, Motors, Action many times but I think the park is ready for some updates! Congrats Disney!

  • Will the last show be on April 2 or April 1?

  • So can we take it from your comment that the Star Wars fireworks will continue? Right now they are not on the schedule past March

  • Guess we will have to make another visit to Disneyland Paris to catch the show the next time!

  • What precisely constitutes “nearby locations”?

    • Hi Erin, Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and the nearby locations around Streets of America, including Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, Studio Catering Co., and some merchandise shops will close April 2.

  • Does this mean that Symphony in the Stars will continue after March?

  • That is a total shame my hubby and don was really looking forward to seeing this in October!

  • Is MuppetVision included in the closures, since that is also in the Streets of America area?

    • No, you’ll still be able to experience Muppet*Vision 3D.

  • hi you say “and nearby locations” can you shed a bit more light on that is The Muppet’s going ?

  • So sad to see this show go, but it has had a good run. VERY excited for all of the new things coming to Hollywood Studios!

  • What locations are considered “nearby locations around Streets of America”?

  • While I’m thrilled at the new attractions that are coming, I had not heard about this closure. This is going to leave a gap for my family as it is one of their favorite things to see at Walt Disney World. We watch the show time we visit and it is has always been packed so I’m surprised and disappointed to see it go. It’s too bad we’ll have no way to get back before the final show to see it one last time…

  • Thanks for the info Tom. Can you confirm if this will be a permanent closure or just while the new areas are being constructed?

  • Hi Thomas – do you know if the Muppets 3D show is included in the “nearby locations around Streets of America” that will be closing?

    • Hi Matt, the Muppet*Vision 3D show is not closing in April. And no other additional closures are planned. Thanks.

  • I am so ready for Toy Story and Star Wars lands! Can’t wait to see projected dates. Any hints…?

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