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First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

The 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend returns to Florida from January 6-10. I recently caught up with the product development team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise who gave me a first look at commemorative merchandise. This is the biggest runDisney event of the year, so here is a sampling of what guests may find during the upcoming weekend.

First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products

This year will see the return of products celebrating the entire Marathon Weekend. These items include apparel, hats and drinkware. I particularly like the new Mickey Mouse tees in pink and blue.

For each race, we will have apparel for both women and men including short and long sleeved shirts, Sweaty Bands, Bondi Bands, and vehicle magnets.

First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products

Guests will also find “I Did It!” shirts designed for both women and men (including the 5K and 10K races). Select races will also have running pants and running shorts included in the mix.

First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products First Look at 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Commemorative Products

Finally, we will have a Disney ear hat and a fun “Future Disney Runner” shirt with Mickey Mouse for kids.
I could only show a handful of items in this article. There is so much more to see including jackets, hooded sweatshirts, pins and other runDisney logo products.

Guests attending the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend will find these items at Disney’s Health & Fitness Expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The Expo will be open during the following times:

  • Wednesday, January 6 – 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, January 7 – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday, January 8 – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, January 9 – 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  • Just got back from Marathon Weekend. We had fun. My husband did the Dopey and had fun getting all kinds of merchandise with the Dopey on it. I did my first 10K over the weekend and was disappointed that there was so little fun merchandise with the 10K on it, and I wasn’t the only one. Not everyone is out to do a marathon. Maybe in the future they could do more shirts and stuff with the 10K and the 5K on it. I know it would sell.

  • I would also like to know how to get my hands on an “i did it” shirt? Is there anyway for us to purchase these now that the event is over?

  • Can you please tell me how I can get my hands on the Champion brand, navy blue ladies zip up with baby blue screen print of “every mile is magic” on the back?? My daughter and I went back to the expo right when it opened back up after we had finished our first 1/2 marathon and they had moved the merchandise. My daughter wanted to make sure she finished the race before spending $90 on a jacket…..please help!!! I would love to surprise her with this!!!

  • Is it possible to buy any of the shirts now, even though the event is over?

  • Hello! My husband and I ran the half marathon this past Saturday and my husband wanted to know if any of the merchandise from the expo will go on sale on the disney website later on.
    The merchandise was amazing and he didn’t get to buy a shirt and now regrets it =D

    -Sarah M.

  • Is there any chance that there can be a selection of running range available outside the events? I’d love there to pick up running gear that are park or attraction themed available across the parks all through the year

  • I just wanted to note what an AWESOME job the runDisney merchandise team has been doing. We ran our first runDisney race in fall of 2012 and haven’t looked back since! Two Coast to Coasts and 7 races later, we are hooked! The merchandise has truly taken a step up with each race that has passed. I love the new styles of shirts (especially when they started offering women’s cut shirts for the race shirt included with your entry fee!). Just wanted to say Thank you and FANTASTIC job Disney!

    • @Kayla – Thank you for the kind words. I’ll pass them along to the entire merchandising team.

  • I too am bummed to see that Men’s polos are once again not here. Since my first Disney marathon in 2000 I had always picked one up. But that annual tradition is now over, and that’s sad. I still get comments about the few I have remaining, and treasure those that are worn now as work shirts.

  • Susan, there were commemorative pins, but I believe they had to be pre-ordered from the rundisney website and are now sold out.

    • @Scott – The pre-order pins are different than the pins that will be released at the Health & Fitness Expo.

  • Steve are there any pins this year for the different races?

    • @Susan – Yes. There will be several different pins that will match the logos for each race. This is similar to previous years. I didn’t have samples of the final pins when I wrote this story in mid-December.

  • Do you know if there will be a new runDisney New Balance shoe released or will they stick with the Donald Duck & Tinkerbell shoes?

    • @Gary – Great question. The 2016 New Balance runDisney collection will debut at the Walt Disney World Marathon Health and Fitness Expo. Please follow @runDisney on Twitter to get a look at newly announced Dumbo-themed shoe.

  • Any word if Disney will continue releasing Its a Small World dolls? There’s more countries they haven’t released!

    • @Liz – I’m not aware of any such plans at this time.

  • Can’t wait, this is my first marathon and I want to make sure I get things to commemorate the occasion. Thanks so much Steven
    for showing this.

    • @Ryan – You’re welcome! May the wind be at your back. 🙂

  • Why no men’s polo shirts anymore? Have been running the marathon annually since ’07 and used to purchase the marathon polo shirt each year. It was a unique and practical souvenir.

    • @Steven – Thank you for your feedback. I know the development team periodically reviews assortments and makes adjustments.

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