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Prepare to Encounter Star Wars Villain Kylo Ren at Disney Parks

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become a global phenomenon, and soon guests at Disney Parks will be able to interact with one of the film’s most intriguing new characters, Kylo Ren.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens..Ph: Film Frame..©Lucasfilm 2015

Every day at Disney Parks, you can step into exciting Star Wars experiences such as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, “Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple” and Star Wars Launch Bay, where you can come face to face with some of the greatest heroes and villains of the saga. Soon, a visit to Star Wars Launch Bay at either Disneyland park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios will transport you to the Star Wars galaxy for an encounter with Kylo Ren on the bridge of his First Order Star Destroyer.

As seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren is a dark warrior with a mysterious past. Ren is strong with the Force and serves as a leader of the First Order, seeking to destroy the New Republic, the Resistance and the legacy of the Jedi.

Star Wars Launch Bay was designed to showcase a variety of Star Wars characters over time. In addition to Kylo Ren, you may also come across a garrison of First Order Stormtroopers or the heroic Wookiee, Chewbacca, holed up in a secret Resistance base.

The portal from Star Wars Launch Bay to Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer opens at Disneyland park and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios next month.


  • What about Rey? Is she a character that we can meet? She’s the hero of the movie…

  • Cool. I’m excited, but I wish I could meet Vader too… But on a side note, is it possible to meet BB-8? That would be beyond awesome!!

  • We will be there Feb. 6th for my sons birthday, do you know if Kylo Ren will be there already ? My son would love to meet him! Thanks!

  • When will the 14 acre star wars park be completed. Our trip is planned for June

    • Kay – Construction on the new land is set to begin this year. An opening date has not yet been announced.

  • Super thrilled to hear this, my fiancé especially loved Kylo when we saw the movie and my only hope is that he’s there long enough for us to meet him in December!!

  • I’m going to make sure I take a picture with Darth Vader this weekend. I think it’s cool to have Kylo Ren, but getting rid of Vader isn’t that great. The Jedi training is only for Kids, you can’t get close or have him choke you with the force.

  • But how do I get my picture taken with BB-8?

  • I love Disney, but I must admit that I’m pretty bummed out about this. I love Darth Vader and I was so excited to get the opportunity to get a photo op with him at Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios. But now I will no longer be able to do so because I’m not visiting the park until my birthday in April. Seeing him at the Jedi Training Academy is just not the same. And it doesn’t give adults, such as myself, the opportunity to actually meet the character.

  • Will this be included in the complimentary Disney Visa photo at Hollywood studios?

    • Nicky – Yes, it will.

  • but where is Jedi Mickey? I want to have pictures taken with disney character dressed in star wars costumes. but replacing darth vader with kylo ren that is a bad choice.

  • If I am going Jan 30 will I have time to meet Darth?

  • Really sad that Vader won’t be there any longer. Hopefully if enough people ask for it they will consider adding him back or to have a separate meet and greet for him.

  • I must admit, I’m a little disappointed that the meet and greet will no longer be with Darth Vader. That was one of the big “pluses” of Star Wars Launch Bay! My daughter was really looking forward to meeting him because the last time we went she got scared. I hope Disney will reconsider…

  • Do we get to meet “Matt, the Radar Technician”, from the Saturday Night Live sketch? 😉

  • If we’re getting Kylo Ren, then I’m waiting for Finn and Rey to be park characters too. I really want Finn and Rey.

  • I think this is a poor decision. Darth Vader is one of the most iconic and profitable characters in cinema. While Kylo Ren was an impressive character in the film, I think it is a poor short and long term decision to replace Darth Vader. There is plenty of room in the Launch Bay to have both there. I was lucky to go in December, and being able to meet Vader was one of the best character experiences in all of the parks. Hopefully this situation is fixed soon.

  • Hoping he will be there by February 5th. My son would love a picture with Kylo Ren. Crossing my fingers.

  • Totally bummed to see that Kylo Ren will be replacing Darth Vader at the meet and greets. We are going to DL next month for my sons 4th birthday and he was really excited about meeting Darth Vader which is his favorite Disney Character. I see that it’s mentioned he will still be a part of the Jedi Academy but not sure if my son will be too scared to do it on his own since he normally needs mommy or daddy with him when he wants to meet a character. It would be really cool if Disney could rotate between Vader and Ren or have both in the same room for the meet and greets.

  • YES! I hope he’s still there this summer! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a meet and greet!

  • Super bummed Darth Vader will no longer be a M&G! We are going in April and that is the #1 thing my daughter was looking forward to. Even though she’s seen the new movie, she has no desire to meet Kylo.

  • Very sad to see Darth Vader meet and greet closing. Kylo Ren is just not the icon my kids are dying to meet. They’ve done the Jedi Training before, but that isn’t the same thing as a meet and greet. I hope Disney reconsiders–surely there is room for both Villains

  • Will the “First Order Stormtroopers” be in a new meet ‘n greet or in place of Boba Fett?

  • This is disappointing. My son couldn’t wait to meet Darth Vader!

  • Nooooo!!! They are taking Vader away!?! One of the reasons we are going next month is to see Darth Vader, one of the coolest characters in Star Wars! And now he is being replaced by a character that is no where as cool or as iconic as vader? 🙁

  • How disappointing that Darth Vader, the most iconic Star Wars character of all, will no longer be available for meet and greets. He and Chewie are really the only reasons to visit the Launch Bay. Can’t you at least alternate Kylo Ren with Vader?

  • Very cool!

  • With all of these Star Wars characters arriving, wouldn’t it be thrilling if they created a Character Dining experience with Star Wars characters!!! OMG! Just the thought of this excites me!

  • Surely they can’t remove Vader permanently! There’s more movies coming out, and he’s iconic! I won’t be there till May, but I’ve always wanted to meet him face to face!

  • I leave February 2nd so I’m hoping February 1st he will be there???

  • WDWToday on twitter said that darth vader would be present for the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. I haven’t gotten a response on if he will still be available for meet and greets. I’m hoping there will still be a photo opportunity – we had that planned for when we come for our anniversary in February and will be disappointed if it doesn’t get to happen.

  • What a bummer. I was really looking forward to the Vader M&G for my April trip and had been since the Chase Visa one was announced. Wish that one, at least, was staying Vader.

  • Next month so Feb? What times will be be appearing and walking around? And will he be at the Anaheim, CA one? 😀

  • Please tell me that Darth Vader will still be available for a meet-and-greet somewhere on Disney property (where adults can meet him too)!

  • Will he stomp things and kick over queue posts if he’s frustrated? 🙂

    (And yeah, I never got the chance to meet the new “talking” Vader either! My former 13-yo. self just passed out when it saw a YouTube clip.)

  • Cool, but everyone in my family wants to see BB8 rolling around in person… is he in the parks?

  • I read he is replacing Darth Vader. Will the Disney credit card meet and greet with Darth remain?

  • Please please please don’t be replacing Vader like I read on another blog!? We’re there Feb 16th and the only thing my son wants to do is meet Vader.

  • Heading to DL the beginning of next month. Will he be replacing Vader? Also when will Kylo Ren begin meet and greets? Crossing fingers Vader will still be available for meet and greets.

  • Will Darth Vader still be at the Chase M&G?

  • Please tell me he will be there the first week in Feb!!!!!

  • Will Vader still be available to Visa Chase Card holders? Will Vader still be available at all? When does this all start??

    • Athena – When the transition to Kylo Ren occurs in the next few weeks, Disney VISA Cardholders will also get access to the First Order leader. Darth Vader’s presence will be felt across the galaxy at “Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple.”

  • PLEASE tell me he is in addition to, not replacing Vader?!?

  • I will be taking the family to the park the week of February 2nd and my son would go crazy. Do we know when this will begin?

  • It’s as if Disney heard me, begging and pleading! YES!!!

    • 🙂

  • I hope he stays around until April! Running the dark side challenge and want to meet him, hopefully with all 3 medals in tow.

  • so the way I’m reading this it looks as if Vader is going away from doing meet and greet and Kylo Ren is taking his place. Am I mis interpreting this?

  • Will he be a face character? We do get to see his face in the movie! 😉

  • Any specifics as to when in February he’ll make his debut?

    • Victoria – At Disneyland Park, you may be able to encounter Kylo Ren as soon as late-January. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the portal from Star Wars Launch Bay to Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer opens in early February.

  • Thank you for this exciting news. So is he also going to be inside Launch Bay? Along with Chewie and Vader?

    • yulady – Chewbacca, Kylo Ren and First Order Stormtroopers will be the featured characters at Star Wars Launch Bay.

  • This doesn’t mean Vader is leaving, does it?

    • Amanda – Kylo Ren will finish what Darth Vader started, but you can still encounter Vader as part of “Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple.”

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