QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress?

Is Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress one of your favorite classic Disney attractions? How well do you know it and its history? Put your knowledge to the test below!


Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress at Magic Kingdom Park

What's the name of your host through the 20th century on Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress?
What is the reoccurring name of the dog in each scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress?
How many pounds of ice can the ice box hold in the Turn of the 20th Century scene?
What's the name of the contraption Old Uncle Orville created in the 1920's summer scene?
What temperature does the oven reach in the final scene of Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress?


  • 5/5 for me. This has always been one of my favourite rides in WDW.

  • As the post-it note on the bulletin board of the last scene says: “Marty called – needs changes!” I love the Carousel of Progress, and it would be cool if the last scene could be adjusted to be in line with the Tomorrowland idea – the future that never was. I can appreciate how hard it is to stay ahead of modern times these days!

    We’re super excited to hear about the updates to the chairs and carpets this summer – you’re making a great attraction even better. Thanks for keeping it going!

  • Miss this attraction at Disneyland. Glad I got to ride 3 times last month! Sure could use an update though!

  • Back in the original version that ran up until perhaps sometime in the 80s (before it was replaced for a few years with the “Now is the Time” version), the dog had a different name in each scene. There were Rover, Buster, and Sport, and perhaps one more.
    That older version was substantially more politically incorrect than what we have today, as there were references like how long it takes “the man of the house” to earn enough money to afford certain new appliances, and other references to household roles that are very different these days, as well as “our brand new General Electric Nuclear Power Plant”.
    Also, that previous version wasn’t narrated by Jean Shepherd, a voice we all know and love from “Christmas Story”.

  • Should probably be “contraption” not “contraction” that Uncle Orville created. Thanks for featuring the Carousel of Progress!

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