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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is #1 Film of All-Time in US

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

We know Disney Parks Blog readers are some of the biggest Star Wars fans out there. And we’ve been thrilled to share new Star Wars experiences with our guests at Disney Parks around the world. Now, we’re pleased to celebrate an incredible new record for the film. Take a look at this post from our friends at Starwars.com.



  • So what happened to the Seasons of the force that was suppose to have started on January 5th or 8th (I have seen different start dates announced) for HWS? I have been there this week and except for some fireworks where the hat used to be I have seen no special event attractions and why is there no special merchandise? there not even playing the Star Wars music like they for for Star Wars Weekends

  • Construction is going on right now, Eric…”The Force Awakens” being #1 has no effect on Disney’s Avatar plans… 😉

  • So Avatar isn’t #1 anymore?
    B-but…..what will happen to World of Pandora at Animal Kingdom?? 😉

  • Loved the film and can’t wait for the next one. Saw the first Star Wars in the theatre in 1977 and love the original three the best. Felt this film was in the same style which was good to see especially as George Lucas was not really involed with the lastest one. Well done and keep it up.

  • Wooo! This will be a day long remembered. A well deserved record for a fantastic film.

  • Congratulations to everyone involved, what an achievement! I can’t wait to finally watch The Force Awakens this weekend in China!

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