‘Tangled’ Returns to the Royal Theatre at Disneyland Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Here comes the smolder.

If you’ve had a dream that the “Tangled” show would return to the Royal Theatre at Disneyland park, then this Friday will be your Best. Day. Ever.


On the stage of the Royal Theatre in Fantasy Faire, the hair-raising tale of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will once again come to life through the inimitable storytelling talents of resident Renaissance men, Messieurs Smythe and Jones. With the assistance of some fellow villagers and a little help from the audience, these lovers of legend and lore weave their version of “Tangled” with equal doses of music, whimsy, humor and heart.

Winner of an IAAPA Brass Ring Award in 2013, “The Royal Theatre Presents ‘Tangled’” will play in repertory with Smythe and Jones’s adaptation of “Frozen,” each performed several times daily starting January 15.



  • I do not see Tangled listed at all on the daily schedule on the Disneyland website. Is there any way to find out if this is being performed and if not when will it begin? Thanks!

  • I never got to see the Tangled before frozen replaced it. It was always the in the mornings and by the time I got off work it only had Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully with the alternating shows I’ll have a chance to finally see the tangled show and avoid the frozen one.

  • Love Beauty and the Beast and will miss Aladdin dearly, but I can settle for Tangled in the meantime. It DOES, however, seem like a bit of Frozen overload is happening!

  • …I just realized; now the Royal Theater will be featuring the two *most recent* fairy tales from Disney Animation. Perhaps that was a conscious decision. Either way, hopefully the Beauty and the Beast play will return sometime.

  • HOORAY! Less Frozen! The Tangled show is super cute.

  • I’m visiting in October/November this year and I hope to see these shows. I think it’s great to show new shows as I have seen ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows before and it’s nice to have something different and up to date.

  • Everyone – Although every story told by Smythe and Jones remains in their theatre company’s repertoire, at this time we don’t have any information about when they might again tell the tale of “Beauty and the Beast.” When the Royal Theatre reopens on Friday, they’ll be alternating between “Frozen” and “Tangled.”

  • I meant “don’t get *me wrong.”

  • …And don’t get be wrong, I really enjoyed the Aladdin musical, but I am also looking forward to the future.

  • Tyler-Frozen or not, the Aladdin Musical ran for 13 years, it was not going to last forever. Live musical stage shows in the Disney parks have always come and gone and change. Change is not easy, but it has always been a part of the parks. On that note, it would be wrong to judge the new show before we see it.

  • I too am curious about the Beauty and the Beast show…. When will that be returning Shawn??

  • This makes me so happy – Tangled is my favorite!

  • Fred, sorry I still am sad that Frozen evicted Aladdin

  • Very cool. Perhaps now people on social media will calm down.
    On a related note, I’m guessing that when the Frozen musical debuts at California Adventure, the sing-along show may end its run.

  • Welcome back old friend, you have been missed badly. Shawn is there any word about the Beauty and the Beast show returning in the future? I remember you once said both Tangled and Beauty and the Beast would remain in their repertoire to be performed again.

  • This is good news. I guess the maximum number of resort shows required to include let it go reaches its limit at 6…

  • Huzzah indeed! but what about Beauty and the Beast?

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