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This Week in Disney Parks Photos: Enchanted Storybook Castle at Shanghai Disney Resort

We were all abuzz when we found out we could finally share the opening date of the newest member of the Disney Parks family – Shanghai Disney Resort. Authentically Disney, distinctly Chinese, the resort’s grand opening will June 16, 2016. Did you catch the number sequence? (6/16/16 – pretty cool, huh?)

Thomas Smith shared a photo of what the centerpiece of Shanghai Disneyland looks like right now. Enchanted Storybook Castle is the largest of all the castles in our Disney parks.

This Week in Disney Parks Photos, here’s a look at the progress of the beautiful castle, from rendering, to milestones like the finial topping, to this week.

Will you be joining us at our newest resort?


  • Dear Victoria, thks fr the update.
    Hv a question: We Will be in Shanghai from 11th June till 17th June (our flight back to BELGIUM 17th late Pm)
    Understood the opening is scheduled 16th jun but is this the official opening fr the public or only fr invited Guests?
    We would love to visit the resort before returning to Belgium and fr sure my 2 little daugthers Will be thrilled.
    Any idea if we already can reserve tickets fr 4 adults plus 2 children of 2 years and 4 years old.
    We hv already checked the official website but could not find any info abt the fares.
    Thks in advance fr yr time

  • Do we have any idea when they will begin excepting reservations?

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