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#DisneyGrandAdventure: Three Generations on a Trip of a Lifetime

Paula Hall

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort Multi-Generational Travel

Among all of the great things I like about my job, I have to say that one of the most exciting moments is when I have the opportunity to spend time with our multi-generational guests at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a lot of fun and I learn so much.

This week I had the chance to meet Joyce Gillis, a high-spirited proud grandma and blogger at What Happens at Grandma’s. Joyce came to Walt Disney World Resort with all of her 16 family members spanning three generations. And as much as she is thrilled to be here on this trip of a lifetime with all of her family, she is also looking forward to a very special moment she wants to share only with her daughters. I’m thinking she has the best of both worlds; memorable time with her children and grandchildren.

The details that differentiate families who travel all together with grandchildren, parents, and grandparents does not stop there, does it? Joyce says that unlike the first time she travelled to Walt Disney World Resort, this time she can share responsibilities with her daughters to care for the children. After all, she is not the only mom around.

With her daughters in mind, Joyce says that parents who travel with grandma and grandpa also have the advantage of being able to go out on a fun Disney date while the grandparents stay with the children back at the resort. Sounds like a great opportunity for Valentine’s Day!

Spending time with Joyce’s family was truly inspiring. My take is that the age difference does not really matter, once everybody is together, on vacation, where dreams comes true, magic really happens! There’s aways a little something for everyone, right?

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  • Hi there! I have a family of friends here in Brazil who is also starting a three generation Disney World trip today. Grandmother and step-grandfather, daughter and husband (who went to Disney World on their honeymoon almost 7 years ago) and granddaughter and grandson, who are 5 and 3. I hope they will enjoy all of their time there just like the other families do.

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