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Glitter and Go with New Products for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs


The Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend returns to Walt Disney World Resort from February 18-21, 2016. Runners from around the world will join the Disney Princess’ in a “dream come true” weekend of majestic runs in the most magical place on earth. Today, I have a first look at several commemorative products created especially for the royal event.

Glitter and Go with New Products for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016 Glitter and Go with New Products for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016

This year, we are offering a few returning favorites including long and short-sleeved apparel for both the overall weekend, Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge. These items include “I Did It” shirts, drinkware, Sweaty Bands, Bondi Bands, collectible pins, car magnets and more.

Glitter and Go with New Products for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016 Glitter and Go with New Products for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2016

Guests will also find shirts and car magnets for both the Disney Princess 5K and the Disney Princess Enchanted 10K races.

There are a few new art programs this year including artwork titled “Run Princess Run” that’s included on apparel and accessories. Another art program, “Run Like the Princess You Are,” has stylized buildings of famous Disney Princesses.

The Princess theme is also carried over onto three new colorful handbags by Dooney & Bourke.


Finally, if you want to add a little sparkle to your weekend, we are offering a unique “Glitter & Go” makeover experience in the HP Field House at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The package includes a hair twist, light makeup, shimmering lip gloss, a face gem, and a light-up Princess Tiara. Reservations will be taken on walk-in basis for guests ages 3 and up. The experience will be offered from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Retail is $19.95 plus tax.

Look for these commemorative items and more during runDisney Health & Fitness Expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

The Expo will be open during the following times:

  • Thursday, February 18 – 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Friday, February 19 – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, February 20 – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  • I was at Expo by noon on Friday and boy were they picked over. many items including the glass slipper pin (not the medal replica) was sold out. Is RunDisney going to start changing their the way they sell the merchandise? like limit the first 2 days of the Expo to people with race bibs? or let people register online for merchandise up to the day you need to submit proof of time, rather than limit the number of people who can pre-order? It is kind of sad the race participants can’t get merchandise for the races they are running, because it sells out so fast. I am running the Star Wars races in April and can’t make it to Expo til Friday night and am already worried they will be little merchandise left.

  • I was at the event this past weekend and have also been looking online, but I can NOT find a 13.1 car magnet that has the ears. I see them for 5K, 10K, and 19.3. This seems really odd to me, since the name of the event is the Princess Half Marathon. Will there ever be any of these available??

  • I was at the expo yesterday and got the logo pins for the 5K, 10K and Half. I didn’t see a logo pin for the Glass Slipper Challenge. I did however see a replica of the medal as a pin for the GSC. Was there a logo pin as well that I missed out on? I can’t find any record anywhere online yet

  • Will there be any “I Did It” type designs for Men T-Shirts? I understand it’s the “Princess” race weekend, but I think men should have their apparel as well!

  • Hi! It says “63 Comments” but I can only see 36 comments, and there’s no way to advance to the additional comments. Is this a glitch?

    • @Laura – The system counts my replies to comments as additional comments.

  • Will there be medal-shaped pins for the 10K and Half like in past years?

    • @Patricia – There will be pins offered for this event similar to previous years.

  • I pre-purchased a Dooney and Bourke bag on January 19th.
    There was no presale during registration but became available around MLK Day (after the Disney World half marathon) on the RunDisney website.
    I was lucky to see the info on the Facebook page. This was the only place I saw any material about it.
    I am coming in on Friday for Glass Slipper and by that time last year many of the items, including the Dooneys were gone.
    Hopefully they learned about supply and demand last year and will have more available at the Expo and online after for those who can’t get there on Thurs. And next year will be better at announcing the pre-sale to all.

  • Just would like to add that I had a similar experience as some of the ladies above as far as Dooney pre-sale. I, as well, did not recall seeing that at time of registration. As soon as I found out about it recently, I tried to order and the site didn’t work. Went back the next day and the link was gone. I called runDisney and was told pre-sale had expired. That is super disappointing and adding a lot of unwanted stress and frustration to my first half marathon experience. It would be great to know if the bags will also be available at the parks afterwards, as I’m assuming by the time I get to the expo on Friday they will be long gone. I hope a solution for this problem is found for future events.

  • If we are not running in the event.. is there still a way to get the dooney’? we will be heading the parks in april and my mom and i NEED those purses!!

    • @Nicole – The Dooney & Bourke items will be released at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s difficult to say if any inventory will remain following the event.

  • Will any of this also be sold at downtown Disney or in the parks?

    • @Kimberly – These items will be released at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

  • Do we know how much the jackets will be?

    and how quickly do the items sell out?

    • @Jenni – Some jackets may have a retail of $84.95. It’s difficult for me to predict how quickly items will sell. It will depend upon the popularity of a particular item with guests.

  • There was NO pre-sale info on the Dooneys when we first registered! Disappointed!

  • Hi Steven, I wonder if you could clarify something regarding the Dooneys. I called RunDisney to ask if/when the bags would go up for presale, or if they would only be available first-come, first-serve at the Expo. I was told that the presale has already been open, and it sold out. I don’t recall ever seeing any notice of pre-sale opening for the Princess Half Dooneys! The gentleman I spoke with at RunDisney said it should have been there when we very first registered, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. I recall seeing ordering info the pins, etc, but not the bags. Any info would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

    • @Marya – I spoke with a few team members. There was a pre-sale for the Princess Half Dooney & Bourke handbags. Typically, they offer such a thing for participants who have registered for an event. Usually, the pre-sales take place approximately a month and a half before a particular race. I would invite you to keep watching official runDisney social networks (Blog, Facebook, etc) for future pre-sales. My apologies for any challenges you may have faced with this one.

  • Hi, can you tell me the prices for the 3 Dooney purses? Also, when I went to run Disney website they have the link to purchase them but every time I click the link it doesn’t work. Do you know when the link will work?

    • @Eva – Here are the retails:

      Pouchette – $178
      Crossbody – $208
      Shopper – $268

      I’m checking with the team about the second part of your question.

  • Will this new princess-themed Dooney & Bourke pattern be available for sale online to those of us who cannot attend the race, and don’t live nearby? This is a FANTASTIC Disney Dooney pattern, I would love to purchase it!

  • Ohhh ok!! Either way I am still going to the expo to get my bib number and get everything set for my first race with disney! But i will be checking the merchandise also .

  • slightly stressed after reading a few Disney forums. Will merchandise be replenished. I feel as if I wont be able to purchase anything unless I’m lined up hours before expo opening 🙁

    • @Jenn – Products are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s difficult for me to say which items will be most popular with guests at the event.

  • Also can you tell me the sizes offered in those shirts, tank tops

    • @Amanda – They may appear on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. You can visit the landing page for runDisney here: http://www.disneystore.com/rundisney/mn/1000855/

      The sizes and options for those shirt will mirror what is currently offered on the site (specifically the runDisney Character Tee for Women and runDisney Character Tee for Adults).

  • I would love to know if you will be releasing the “run like a Princess” and “Run like the Princess you are” will be sold online. I would really love the gray tank top, but I will not be running this event.

  • If I wanted to get the “I did it!” shirt for the Glass Slipper Challenge, would I go to the official merchandise above the packet pick up, or the one next to shirt pick up?

    • @Sheena – The “I Did It” shirts and other products featured in this story would be offered at the Disney merchandise shop found at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo.

  • Steven, will the New Balance women’s Ariel sneakers be brought back and made available in ALL sizes for this princess marathon weekend? Because many sizes sold out at the previous Tinkerbell marathon. Thanks.

    • @Lauren – The recently released New Balance shoes will be offered at the Expo. They will be restocking all sizes, and they will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Very cute!!! Looking forward to the expo!

  • Will any of the shirts be available in “men’s” or “unisex” sizes for those of us that don’t fit into a women’s XXL?

    • @Meghann – The “runDisney Princess Letters” and “Run Princess Run” will be offered in adult sizing.

  • Hello!! I am participating in the half marathon and i am excited to do it!! my first race with disney and I am ready to go the distance! Was wondering if there will be also merchandise like I did it or the official shirts for the half marathon for men since i am doing the half marathon only?

    • @Javier – How exciting! I hope the race goes well for you. The “I Did It” shirt is a ladies cut. We are not offering other options for this event.

  • Hi, Is the performance jacket pictured the same one we pre-ordered during registration?

    • @Laura – The jacket pictured is different than the pre-order jacket. The one I showed is for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

  • I don’t get in until Friday afternoon. Is there anyway to pre-purchase these items? I was very disappointed to have found many items out of stock at the Tinkerbell race.

    • @Mollie – We are not offering a pre-purchase opportunity for these items. I’m sorry to hear of your challenges at the previous event. I’ll share your feedback with the team.

  • Save some Tervis’ for Saturday!

  • Do you know if the tervis that is shown is the one that comes in the package they were offering that has a tervis tumbler, magnet, and visor?

    • @Stacey – The Tervis water bottle shown is not the Tervis item from the pre-sell bundle. The bundle had to be purchased at the time of registration.

  • Hi Steven! I know you said there is merchandise that you could not include in these images. Do you know if there will be a coffee mug offered? Thanks!

    • @Claire – There is a travel tumbler that could hold coffee (seen in the first photo). It has a retail of $16.95.

  • Hi Steven! Do you know how much that white runDisney shirt is in the last photo? It’s the one making up Disney with the characters. Also, is it a tech shirt?

    • @Robyn – The performance fabric top has a retail of $36.95.

  • Steven can you by chance tell me what the price will be on the Grey tank top that says run princess run and the water bottle with the purple top in the first picture? Is that bottle tervis as well (hoping so)?

    • @Jennifer – The top has a retail of $42.95 and the Tervis water bottle is $29.95.

  • Is there something on the back of the purple jacket that is shown with the merchandise for the half?

    • @Courtney – Yes. The words “Princess Up!”

  • Will there be a non-Kids Race ear hat?

    • @Kelly – There only ear hat is for the Kids Races.

  • Great items, but I’d love to see tech shirts for the 5K and 10K! I’d buy them both if they were!

  • I love the merchandise. Thank you for sharing. Now that Pandora and Disney have partnered, do you know if exclusive charms for the Princess weekend will be available?

    • @Stephanie – There will not be any specific PANDORA charms for this event. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog in a few weeks for something you may like 🙂

  • How do we order the Dooney and Burke???? Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering.

    • @Lynn – For this event, the Dooney & Bourke items will be released at the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo.

  • Will there be any wine glasses this year?

    • @Lauren – There will be stemmed wine glass this year.

  • Any idea on pricing of the different items? (I did it shirts, Tervis, Sweatybands.)

    • @Lauren – Retails will vary but may be similar to previous events. For the items you mentioned,

      I Did It – $27.95-$32.95,

      Tervis water bottle – $29.95

      Sweaty Bands are $14.95 each

  • Any Capri’s for this race? Love all the stuff lol!

    • @Linda – Yes. There were other apparel items I couldn’t include due to space limitations.

  • These items look great but please tell me there will be more items for sale at the Expo like Princess Wine Glasses?

    • @Allison – There will be more items. I could only a select handful in this article. You’ll be happy to know that a wine glass will be offered.

  • Is the Princess bottle an actual Tervis? I love the new designs and logos.

    • @Jill – Yes!

  • Wonder what is on the back of the performance jacket!

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