Last Serving of Mad T Party Set for March 30 at Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

For the past few years, Disneyland Resort guests have enjoyed all the splendiferous wonders of the Mad T Party, from the White Rabbit’s mega mix of muchness to the most amazing and talented band this side of Wonderland.

Today, we want to let you know that Mad T Party will be serving up its final cup of curiosities at Disney California Adventure park on March 30, 2016. So all of you Mad fans out there will want to make plans to join Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum for one last spot of T. The Rabbit Hole will be open on weekends through March 13 and nightly March 18-30.


  • i was just there last week and was STUNNED to find the Mad T Party gone. I love the band, the drinks, the characters, and the people! It will be sorely missed.

  • I was extrememly excited when they brought back the T Party and got rid of the Frozen event that took it’s place for a little bit. The only reason why I renewed my pass was because they brought back the Mad T Party. I don’t go for the DJ, I don’t go for the drinks, I go for the band. The band is amazing! If you were to get ride of the party itself and kept the band, I probably wouldn’t be too upset.

  • Really sad to hear this. I loved the Mad T Party band. Probably the best thing about California Adventures.

  • Wish this would of been part of the live stream series for the last night 🙁

  • Have annual passes and come two or three times per month. Mad T Party is one of the highlights of the visits. The band I very talented. We always saw Tomasina and then to see Mad T Party. Amazing musicians and fun to watch. So, what’s replacing them? Some other live entertainment with the same caliber of people? I sure hope so. Hope this isn’t a budget issue because ESPN is losing money. (Disney owns the ABC television Network and the ESPN sports stations).

  • This is so disappointing to hear of Mad T being taken away again. Our whole family and our friends have enjoyed it so much. It has been a treat to have a clean, fun, safe place to have a drink, something to eat, and listen to music. Hoping it’s only temporary and something as fun will take it’s place after the Wine & Food Expo, because honestly, we have spent more time and way more money at the parks since Mad T. Both parks without live bands is just really sad and frankly, strange. Live bands that play current music and popular hits is appealing to all ages, and a nice change from having just Disney songs/shows as a choice.

  • Well this is a disappointment. I enjoyed the music.. and where are we going to go for our light up drinks now?! they were so yummy and cool.

  • Yikes. More cuts coming our way….

  • How sad. I love this.

  • This yet another reason we are not renewing our annual Passes. This really sad that this is going away again!

  • HOORAY! I have been waiting for this news since opening night of Mad T Party. By far the worst nighttime entertainment in that part of the park through the whole history of California Adventure.

    If only ElecTRONica could come back …. 🙁

  • That is TERRIBLE news. I am always amazed at how good the band is, and how versatile they are that so many people of different ages and cultures enjoy their performances. The area’s energy and atmosphere will be sorely missed 🙁

  • Happy to see this show retire, I was always a much bigger fan of the ElecTRONica show instead (laser man!).

    Hopefully whatever they have planned for this area will be an improvement over both.

  • I hope this is the beginning of a big change for the backlot. The big outdoor parties are fun but it would be nice to finally have this area cleaned up and the large metal lighting structures removed.
    Until something significant is done to that wasted area of the park these parties can easily be held inside one of the large stages instead. Hopefully once this is gone we get to see the beautiful fountain that has been covered for the last several years with those huge stages.

    Now if only WDI was allowed to turn this area,backlot, into a viable new addition to Hollywoodland with a couple large attractions and a good sit down restaurant that was themed properly to the rest of hollywoodland

    Heard the news about the food and wine festival coming back, now that is something that will be a welcome site. Hopefully that event grows and grows over the years and that eventually we also get a garden festival in the west coast.

  • Well this settles it. Not gonna renew my Annual Pass. Between half the park being closed and now this? Shenanigans.

  • To Fred:

    Ah, I didn’t catch that when I saw it. I thought I had read when they had mentioned Frozen Fun they also talked about a new nighttime show to replace Mad T because they’d be able to do so with little hassle.

  • Also loved ElecTRONica but understand that things must change. I wonder how much live music they can do with the crowds that they have had this past year.

    And curiouser and curiouser on the timing that the Mad T Party is going away 2 months before the new Alice movie comes out. I’m also betting that something new “Alice” themed will take its place.

  • I liked ElecTRONica a lot more. Wish THAT was coming back

  • …To be specific, when Disney Parks blog announced “Frozen Fun” in December 2014, Shawn Slater confirmed in the comments that Mad T Party was going to return.

  • “So is this really the end or is it like last time where mass fans petitioning got it back?”

    It wasn’t a petition that brought it back. If you read the original post (when it went away the first time) it was *always* stated that Mad T Party would come back after Freeze the Night was over.

    I am actually okay with this decision. Mad T Party was never really my thing. As a matter of fact, I would even be okay if there were no more dance parties. The Hollywood Studios area always looked so awkward to me during the day with all of those Mad T Party structures just sitting there. The area felt over-crowded. (and a, odd mix of themes during the night, with the Monsters Inc. ride, Oaken’s Treading Post, and the Frozen sing-along show.)

    To be honest, I *really* miss the sorcerer Mickey fountain!

  • Weird timing considering the new Alice movie opening soon, just like Mark said. The live band was one of the best things about California Adventure, hopefully they’ll find a way to implement this concept a bit more seamlessly into the “California” theme while still keeping the same energy, and possibly doing it in a way that is more permanently integrated into the world. Considering the amount of money the party brings in, it must be replaced by something, right???

  • Yay I’m glad, the party atmosphere doesn’t belong there!

  • While i didnt care too much for it can it at least be moved to another part of the park. the energy it gives is great but not my taste and its rare to go and get live music now a days.

  • I’ll be so incredibly sad to see the Mad T Party go. I will never forget my first mad tea party. Its was an experience the like of which I would have never though possible at Disneyland. This feels like a large part of Disney magic dying for me );

  • Very sorry to see the Mad T Party go, it seems like an odd decision given there is a new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie set to debut later this year. At each of our visits we’ve noted the energy, excitement and fun this feature brings, and it makes great use of a little-utilized corner of DCA. As someone who remembers dancing at the original Videopolis in Disneyland, I hope Disneyland Resort brings another dance/music/entertainment feature targeted at older teens and young adults very soon.

  • So is this really the end or is it like last time where mass fans petitioning got it back?

    Also, just what is going to replace it? There’s got to be some sort of magic that the Mad T does in order for it to succeed. Case in point, Freeze the Night.

  • 1) Is it being replaced right away?

    2)Why close it less than 2 months before Alice Through The Looking Glass is released in theaters this summer?


  • Curious to see what’ll be replacing it. Hopefully some new theming to make that part of the park feel less empty and neglected during the day!

  • You’re really going to shutter Mad T Party *before* the new film comes out?

    Honestly, I’m extremely disappointed. I’ve been a fan of the Mad T Party Band since the beginning. They always put on a fantastic show.

  • This is a super bummer. Is this a permanent close?

  • I’m ready for change, but keep the live entertainment going. I love it and it keeps me coming back.

  • Yes! I am excited to see what is coming next!

  • Will there be anything replacing it?

  • As a fan of live music, I have to ask the question about why more live music is leaving Disneyland and now California Adventure. While not a huge fan of Mad T, I am a huge fan of live music at the parks. Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace was where we spent our evenings listening to the live bands, especially The Tomasina Band. Can you speak about whether the Tomorrowland bands will be back this summer? Will live band entertainment be replacing Mad T? For those of us who love live entertainment, it is unfortunate if these performers and these bands don’t come back in some way shape or form. I realize shows change, but live music is so essential to everyone!

  • seriously… again… what a mistake, it is a fabulous show…. Especially if Jenny and Nate are in

  • So what takes its place?

  • What?! Why? The T Party is one of my favorite things!

  • This is a HUGH loss to all of us who love Mad T Party entertainment and the very gifted entertainers. There is nothing like it to substitute for this place that is a location for all ages and all capabilities to dance, sing, share friendships. I can only hope that the decision makers in this will somehow come up with an idea just as good or better in giving many of us a place to belong and enjoy.

  • So Sad to see this go. This show is the main reason I come to the park and got my annual pass. I would have that Disney would keep it going with the new Alice in Wonderland movie coming out this year. Any chance for it to come back or what they are replacing it with?

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