Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Vacation?

Imagine vacationing amongst astonishing natural beauty on the Adventures by Disney Costa Rica vacation. I’m about to set off on this adventure through the heart of the Central American rainforest, and I’ll be sure to share my experiences with you along the way. Until then, test your knowledge about this amazing itinerary by taking the quiz below.

Adventures by Disney Costa Rica Vacation

Which of these activities is not part of the Costa Rica vacation?
On what river do adventurers go white water rafting?
Which of these Costa Rican locales do you visit on this trip?
You’ll soar high above the treetops on what method of transportation?
What cocktail will you learn to make the way natives do?


  • Just got back from AbD’s Costa Rica adventure. It was full of action and my 12-year old daughter and I shared many firsts: first time zip lining, white water rafting, prop plane ride, and catamaran sailing. The two Disney guides were amazing! We saw so much of the country. Thanks Adventures by Disney for a great experience.

  • so excited you are doing this as we are going on ABD Costa Rica in July! Can’t wait to read about your experiences!

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