Spring Sweets are a Real Treat at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

There are so many delicious treats to share with you for the month of March at the Disneyland Resort, so let’s get started!

St. Patrick’s Day-inspired Treats Coming to Disneyland Resort

Luck doesn’t need to be on your side to find this pot o’ gold. The St. Patrick’s Day-inspired treats include a Mickey Mouse apple dipped in caramel and chocolate, rolled halfway in green sanding sugar with yellow jelly bean accents and topped off with a marshmallow rolled in green sanding sugar which creates a leprechaun hat. While a four-leaf clover might be hard to come by, I guarantee you these next treats will be easy to find … see if you can spot the St. Patrick’s Day crispy, cake pop and marshmallow wand on your next visit from March 6-19.

New Cake Pops Coming to Disneyland Resort

With spring in the air, it should be no surprise when you come across these cake pop cuties! Look for these new additions which include a bee, ladybug and spring chick. Other spring offerings will include a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse inspired pastel Easter Basket apples and, of course, a spring chick.

Pastel Marshmallow Treats Coming to Disneyland Resort

The gourmet collection for this month is definitely twice as nice. Our candy makers are introducing a Pastel Marshmallow apple dipped in caramel and white chocolate with vanilla cookie pieces and pastel marshmallows. If your mouth is already watering, then you should try the bark. They combined peanut butter and white chocolate and layered it with vanilla cookies and pastel marshmallows, as well. But wait … there’s more! Both the apple and the bark have been drizzled on the top with peanut butter and white chocolate. “Amazing” doesn’t begin to describe it!

For those of you who are chocolate lovers, don’t let anything keep you from trying our March gourmet line. The apple, crispy, marshmallow wand and bark are all Triple Chocolate. As you can imagine, the apple and wand are dipped in caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate, rolled in semi-sweet chocolate chips, and heavily drizzled with more milk, white and dark chocolate. The crispy and bark are almost the same, minus the caramel, of course.

These delicious spring sensations will be available March 1 – April 2 at the following locations.

Which treat are you most excited to try?


  • Hello! These treats look amazing! Is there any further news as to wether or not there will be something similar to the usual springtime round up? Will there still be an appearance from the Easter bunny and all of the Disney bunnies? Just wondering because I know this used to take place at Thunder Ranch which is no longer there. Also I noticed the SpringtiMe in Disneyland schedule has been removed from the events section on Disneyland.

  • Nice! We will be at the park this weekend for the Egg Hunt. We will have to check these out. Thank you

  • Nooo, I miss these treats by one day! Hope there’ll be some more slabs with peanut butter and chocolate for April.

    • Angela, I have no doubt the team will have more great treats on the way for April. I hope to have news to share soon.

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