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Welcome to the New, Improved Disney Parks Blog

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Since launching the award-winning Disney Parks Blog, we’ve been honored to share the latest, official information about Disney destinations as well as behind-the-scenes looks at what makes Disney Parks the most magical places on Earth. We’ve been doing it seven days a week for nearly seven years!

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a new and improved version of the Disney Parks Blog that combines everything we’ve learned over the years to create a better storytelling experience.

First, editorial content director at the Disneyland Resort, Erin Glover, has created a quick video tour to help navigate the site. Erin will show you how to find what’s new and where to locate your favorites along with a special look at what’s been improved. Some of the improvements, you’ll recognize at first glance.

Instead of the reverse chronological order of posting stories, the new Disney Parks Blog makes it easy to identify our top stories of the day. Our most important updates will no longer be pushed off the front of the page if you haven’t checked the site in a few hours but remain front and center. The new Disney Parks Blog is also smarter. As you read, you’ll notice similar stories of interest surfacing to enjoy and share.

Searching for information will be quicker and easier too, including locating the newest, exclusive Disney Parks wallpapers and upcoming blog events and meet-ups. With improved search, you can find resort, park and even author-specific stories much faster than before. There are also specific Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort pages as well as video-only pages that’ll include our popular live streams and upcoming “Inside Disney Parks” newscasts.

If you’re on the go, you’ll notice that our mobile site is also much improved. Checking out what’s new at Disney Parks will be even faster on mobile devices. You’ll be able to quickly move through our stories of the day and share favorites with friends and family like never before. Our daily stories will also come to you. Just sign up for the new, improved daily email newsletter to start receiving the best of Disney Parks.

While there are many more improvements for you to discover, we want you to know that the stunning images, first look videos and award-winning storytelling that you have come to count on over the years will continue – as usual – right here on the Disney Parks Blog.

Watch Erin’s video tour, take a spin around the site and visit our growing list of Disney Parks Blog storytellers and let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • I wish that you would add a caption for the photos that head the blog. Sometimes I don’t know what I am looking at. For example- today 3/1/16- I am seeing a lovely resort. But which resort (I think maybe Aulani?)? It would be helpful to know that , hey that’s Disneyland Paris or Aulani or Tokyo. Just a small suggestion, but it would enhance my knowledge of all that Disney has to offer. (I use my phone to read it so if it shows up on desktop computers, I apologize for taking up your time.)

  • I wasn’t a huge fan at first, but it’s grown on me. I will say, the one super confusing thing is where it says “1 Reply” with the speech bubble with the Disney D in it. It’s on every post and does nothing but takes you to the top of the post. And if this blog entry is any indication, you’ve replied on several posts but it doesn’t do anything when you click it.

  • “Sign up for Updates” is not shown at the bottom of the page as indicated in the video.

  • I changed my bookmark to go directly to latest stories. I do not trust that I am seeing all the stories on the from page and I have no desire to click through the different topics. The new design is aesthetically pleasing, but I do not like the front page.

  • One thing that I really miss are the randomly changing images from Disney resorts all over the world at the top of the page. Now it’s the same image of Cinderella castle every time.

  • not seeing where to sign up for updates. Video states bottom of home page.

  • I’m not seeing where to sign up for updates. States ib=n the video at bottom of home page,
    “sign up for updates”

  • Nice glossy new front-page headline look, but there’s very little actual CONTENT visible without clicking down, which unless I’ve missed the point is surely the entire function of a blog? You can make it as pretty as you like, but at the end of the day the reason anyone visits the site is to quickly and easily see what you’re written? Anything else is just fluffy window-dressing.

    Even in the ‘Latest Stories’ view (which is so far the page I would most likely bookmark as a landing page) I can’t see any real content, only a small photo for each story and a very brief ten-word headline within a mass of white space (in fact, the posting date and the author/job title lines often seem to contain more wordage than you can see of the actual article!).

    How can I view a simple sequential series of full-content posts, and quickly scroll down through them using my mouse-wheel in a few seconds, like I do every other user-friendly blog site? Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be bothering with coming back very often for what is in effect now a series of click-bait headlines wrapped up in a pretty bow.


  • For those who want only their first name to be used, I found a way;

    If you log into your account at the Disneystore website, go to “My account” and you can choose to edit the way your name appears. For example, you can just use the first letter of your last name, as I did.

    Now that I’ve made that adjustment, I think these changes are very nice, and I appreciate the fact that I can go to “Lastest Stories” to see every post in order. I also like the fact that I can choose to see posts only about the Disneyland Resort by choosing “Destinations.” (Since posts about the Disneyland Resort are generally what I am most interested in.

  • Congrats Tom and everyone. The new blog looks great.

  • Like this!

  • With the old mobile set up, I was able to click “next story” without having to back back out to the main page. Is this gone or am I just missing it.

  • I agree with the previous comment about preferring the old format where you could quickly scroll down and see the newest info on top and where you left off yesterday. Too much bouncing around now to find what you haven’t already seen.

  • May the new Disney Parks Blog live long and Prosper …. as much as I will miss the old logo where you all created different designs for it like on the occasion of
    Disneyland’s 60th/Walt Disney World’s Coolest Summer Ever 24 Hour Kickoff Event .
    I will miss that . With that said , I see this new design becoming something that I will be able to enjoy and work with better the way it is able to give specifics on what you are looking for .
    But I will ask this . Question: Where are the downloadable digital wallpapers now ?
    I am looking all over for them and cannot find them the way that I once did before the design of this website changed .
    With that said , I will agree that this is truly new and sort of improved .

  • Now that I know there’s a “Latest Stories” tab I’m happy, lol 😉 Nicely set up and VERY searchable!!

  • Liked the old format better.

  • It’s a nice looking layout. I haven’t yet assessed the functionality (based on what I personally search for and refer people to here on the Parks Blog site) and how effective that is. I frequently refer to older blogs — going all the way back to 2009 and 2010 — so as long as I can still locate those by using the same links I had already saved, then I’m okay with the changes. I never had any problems with the Search feature on this site, and I could always easily locate whatever I needed in the archives. As long as I can still do that, then it’s all good!

    A few things I noticed right off the bat are:

    1) People who may have previously chosen to only display their first names now have their full names on display, while other folks seem to still have just their first names displayed. I’m not sure how or why that is happening, but it seems like people should be able to select a screen name of their choosing;

    2) The spaces in between paragraphs that were present in comments under previous Parks Blogs were wiped out during the transition to the new layout, and a lot of comments now look like big walls of text; and

    3) For whatever reason, I usually use Internet Explorer 11 first, before other browsers. I cannot get this new Parks Blog layout to conform to a compatible view/version on IE 11. I point that out because it may happen to others as well. I tinkered with the compatibility settings and nothing worked at all. However, when I switched to Firefox just to post here on the Parks Blog, everything looked normal and as it should look. So there seems to be some sort of quirk or conflict with IE 11, in particular — unless it is happening with previous version of IE as well.

  • I might be in the minority here, but you guys need to add more visual tags to define just which park you’re talking about. I just came from one that was CLEARLY evident it was Disney Hollywood Studios, but only after finding the name of the article writer did I figure it was only East coast parks event.

  • This literally made my whole day. Disney has the best guys when it comes to media and web design.

  • Some users have their first name only, and others with their full name. I don’t see the option to change that display preference, and it’s not permitted via Disney Accounts. Help?

  • Love the new site. Love the fact I can know comment on the mobile site.

  • Not a fan of the new font. It’s tiny, and I’m on a desktop. I can only imagine how difficult to read this would be if I were reading it on my phone.

  • Looks awesome!!

  • Great!!!

  • Love everything about this redesign! Great new look that integrates with the design of the other Disney Parks web properties, and really useful categorization and filtering options. Really nice use of responsive design as well. Have been wishing for the blog to get an overhaul like this for a while now; looks like wishes do come true! 😉

  • The new format is great. You took something awesome and made it even better. Congratulations, team!

  • I love that you can filter/choose by destination card. Not to offend, but I am not interested in what is happening at the resorts other than Disneyland/DCA as I will never be able to visit there. The new format makes it easier to keep informed about Disneyland and Disney history, which interests me. There is still the option of “latest stories” if readers want to see the listings on everything as previously displayed.

    Thanks for making the site more flexible for tailored interests.

  • Whew, I’m glad there’s still a way to get the posts in date order as well. And I love having a dedicated video page so you can easily find the live streams, which is one of my favorite things you do. Great work.

  • The new format is amazing! You know what would be nice to celebrate the new blog? Unveiling the date for Soarin Around the World 😉

  • Am I the only who doesn’t like the change? I like to read all the stories, not just the top stories, and I liked being able to just scroll down until I saw the last story I had read. Now, while it may “look” nicer, it seems like I would have to do a lot more clicking and looking around to see everything. I haven’t tried the updated search, so I can’t speak on it. With the new setup, I’m thinking I’ll be using this website less. No, I’m not old, and I don’t hate change. I love change and am usually really positive; I just think this change is for casual Disney Parks Blog readers instead of people who view the website daily like I do. I’ll give it a few days and see if I can get used to it, but if it requires me to go several places to get all the stories, I can’t foresee liking it better than the old format.

    • Hi April, thanks for the feedback. I hope you do give it a few days and find it easier to locate the stories that interest you the most. Also, we still have our “river of news” updates under the”Latest Stories” in the top nav. Check it out: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/latest-stories/

  • Wow, i really can’t read your new font at all. 🙁 It’s way to small and way to thin, and i am viewing it on a full size computer. I guess i will have to look to other means to find the latest hapenings at disney. Sadness…

  • Very nice look! I really like how things are better categorized for faster browsing 🙂 Keep it up, Disney!!!

    • Thanks very much. Glad you like the new look.

  • Wow the new blog

  • Congratulations! I’m a Digital Content Specialist and the new Disney Parks Blog is a really nice benchmark 🙂

    • Thanks Bruno. Very kind of you to say.

  • Love it! I can’t wait to see how the holiday themes look. Those have always been amazing in the past.

  • All these updates sound practically perfect!!

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