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All in the Details: Learn The Story Behind The Disney Springs Water Tower

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Last week was a pretty big week for Disney Springs – not only were plans unveiled for more than 30 new shops and dining locations for the area’s Town Center, but Disney Springs also welcomed a brand new marquee water tower that will serve as the property’s entrance gateway.

Take a look at the video above, in which our Walt Disney Imagineers take you behind the scenes to show how the tower was designed in a way that adds to Town Center’s theming. Would you believe that designing and constructing the Disney Springs water tower required contributions from more than 20 different disciplines at WDI?

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  • Now all we need to round off the quaint feeling of Disney Springs is the return of the magestic Empress Lilly.

  • What a great place if you want a Disney experience, but don’t have time for the parks. The Bongos Mojitos are awesome, but, will they being back The Adventurers Club? KUNGALOOSH!

  • At the end of January 2016, my friend & I took a boat from Port Orleans-Riverside to Disney Springs. Once we got off the boat, we had to walk an inordinate amount, just to enter Disney Springs.

  • I think this is a testament to Walt Disney’s dream of, “Disney will never be complete”. Beautiful branding, stood proud on the side of an iconic water tower to reflect the area’s inviting atmosphere. I love it! I just wish I could visit and see it for myself.

  • I think it looks like the ghost graphic says “Come and visit the Springs”. Is this right?

  • What does the ghost graphic say?

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