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Build the Park of Your Dreams with New Disney Magic Kingdoms Mobile Game

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Have you ever dreamed of building your own Disney theme park? Now you can make that dream come true with Disney Magic Kingdoms! In this new game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone, you will embark on a mighty quest with Mickey Mouse and all his friends as they rescue the kingdom’s magic from evil.

Build the Park of Your Dreams with New Disney Magic Kingdoms Mobile Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms brings players to into the timeless world of Disney to experience magical moments from Disney Parks by building with classic attractions like Space Mountain, California Screamin’ and “it’s a small world” and sharing spectacular moments with beloved Disney characters from Disney●Pixar’s “Wall-E” and “Toy Story,” Disney’s “Tangled” and more.

Disney Magic Kingdoms is now available on the App Store and Google Play, and is expected to launch later today on Windows Store!


  • Looks like fun! Just downloaded it!

  • Will this be made available on Amazon for Kindle devices ? It’s up on iTunes and Google play but not Amazon and they have no idea if they’re going to carry it

  • I’m so excited about this. Can’t wait to play this fantastic looking game. Looks like a game I have been waiting for from Disney. Thank you

  • It looks beautiful on my Microsoft Surface Book. Thanks for making this available in the Windows 10 Store.

  • It’s addictive and fun ❤️

  • This game is so much fun. I really enjoy it only thing is that I can’t play with any of my friends. Does anyone know how to add anyone I’m logging on to FB and Google Plus and still no friends that play please help thanks.

  • I love this game.. so much fun

  • I love this game so much! I have a few questions for you that I’m not sure how to proceed with the gluing game. First I cant doing all these quest and leveling up my characters and there’s still so much that’s unlocked so my first question is is how do you unlock the cursed areas like it tells you the complete more of goofy’s quest for example but it doesn’t say which ones second it also says so open more characters to defeat Pete but again there’s no directions or how you can do that so just looking for some direction on how to do some of those things because the two few areas that I have are already crowded and I’d like to expand and it doesn’t look like I can so if you could please help me out appreciate it thank you

  • I am playing on my ipad & really enjoying the game but i dont understand why i cant play with my friends? On my android phone i can log in to facebook but i do not get this option on my ipad? Can anybodyhelp?

  • @Jennifer Smith as you continue doing the quests it brings you to those specific missions.

  • How did I get Jessie’s snack shack it just appeared?

  • Sine the update I get notices of character completions when they aren’t complete…. Very annoying

  • This looks like such a wonderful adventure for my niece and I to have. She is four almost five. I have been to Disney with my children a lot over the years. My brother ,her father had a near fatal accident and her mother got sick so she has come to stay with my parents and I for a while. Her dream is to eventually go to Disney world as since she was born she has been obsessed with minnie .I know its my brothers dream as well to take her there but for now we can play this game and dream. Thanks!

  • I’ve gotten to the door of Zurg’s hideout, but I don’t know what I need to do to trigger the next step! Does anyone know how to continue the story line?

  • Mt parade is stuck ON – has been running for 3 days now – can’t shut it down. Every time I log in it starts the parade over again. Any idea how to fix this without completely rebooting and starting the game all over again?

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