Captain America and Spider-Man Come to Disney California Adventure Park April 3

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Just ahead of the opening of “Captain America: Civil War,” the First Avenger is making a triumphant return to the Disneyland Resort. Captain America will begin making appearances next month at Disney California Adventure park. Also swinging in to join Cap on his latest mission in Hollywood Land will be everyone’s favorite web slinger, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

With this move, we can also tell you the last day to experience Super Hero HQ in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park will be Saturday, April 2, so be sure to stop by before then if you’d like to suit up at Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries or journey across the Bifrost for an encounter with the Mighty Avenger at Thor: Treasures of Asgard.

Look for Spider-Man and Captain America at Disney California Adventure Park beginning April 3, and you can catch Steve Rogers in “Captain America: Civil War” in theaters in 3D on May 6, 2016.


  • Will Thor come Back? I enjoyed seeing him

  • i hope this is a sign for a promising future to marvel area inside dca . it is kinda sad that we going meet these great heros just standing around outside .

  • My prediction: Iron Man will stay at Disneyland and there will be a Civil War between Ironman/Disneyland and Captain America/DCA.

  • Does the closure of Super Hero HQ then mean that there will there still be a place in the park in which Marvel merchandise will be available for purchase?

  • Just to be clear after April 2nd Iron Man’s suits will not be making the transfer to DCA? Will they be returning anytime in the near future?

  • RN – Yes, I’ve been wondering about those Civil War rumors too… 😉
    But as we can see from the uniform, this is clearly the WWII Captain from the first movie.

  • Why close Super Hero HQ if there is no plans to replace it with another attraction? Especially with numerous Marvel films coming? My son LOVES Iron Man and always wants to see the armor and be Iron Man in the interactive game. Really disappointed to hear this.

  • Joshua Kautzman those characters will still be there on April 2 you will meet them at Super Hero HQ, if you visit April 3 they will be in Hollywoodland. As far as great experiences for little ones too short to ride attractions, the Jedi Training Academy is a much more immersive experience.

  • Shawn– Thank you for the response.

    I just hope that Walt Disney Imagineering actually has a long-term plan in place for the location.

  • I am now wondering if any characters who now meet near the Hyperion Theater will be moving within DCA or leaving all together?

  • Oh man, that was the one thing in which my son (who is too short for many of the DisneyLand rides) was going to truly participate. We’ve been planning this trip for months, it would have been nice to know this attraction was going away. We might have been able to find a vacation where my boy wouldn’t have missed out.

  • This is what’s called an inadvertent Captain America: Civil War spoiler.

  • Wait… So, Cap and Spider-Man are just going to be meeting ON Hollywood Boulevard? No other Marvel stuff? This is so strange given you guys just renovated the Super Hero HQ to further highlight Marvel. Now, it’s getting less, yet Captain America:Civil War is coming out soon.

  • So what will happen to Super Hero HQ? Is it being absorbed by Star Wars Launch Bay? Not Going to lie, this is the opposite of what I expected to see happen in the long run. I had always expected to see the Launch Bay go away when Star Wars Land opens and the whole building to then be Super Hero HQ.

  • So after Super Hero HQ closes, what’s the plan for the upstairs area of the Tomorrowland Expo center?

    • Tyler and Fred – We are constantly evaluating our attraction and entertainment offerings and are looking at ways to bring fun new experiences to this location. At this time, we have nothing new to announce.

  • Does that mean that the Launch Bay will be closing too?

    • Rachel – No, Star Wars Launch Bay is still the place to experience everything “Star Wars.”

  • Where will they be located in Hollywood Land?

    • Tim – They’ll be appearing near the end of Hollywood Blvd, not far from the Hyperion Theater.

  • WHAT?????? You’re getting rid of Super Hero HQ? Is this permanent?

  • But, what about Thor? I’m going to miss him. ???

  • Does this mean Thor is leaving for a while?

    • Loren and Louie – Thor has returned to Asgard, and the Bifrost linking our two realms will be closing after April 2.

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