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Good Day from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

How amazing is this shot of the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

The park will be welcoming a lot of fun additions very soon, including the expansion of Kilimanjaro Safari’s operating hours into the evening, and more. The Tree of Life itself will also soon undergo nightly “awakenings” as the animal spirits of the tree are brought to “light” by magical fireflies, revealing moments of wonder and enchantment – but more on that very soon.


  • I’ve been reading the blog posts about the new nighttime attractions in Animal Kingdom and my family is really excited to see them! Our trip is also “very soon” – in about three weeks, so we’re anxious to learn details such as park hours, FP+ and dining packages…still waiting for details to assist in planning to enjoy these new attractions/entertainment – thanks!

  • When asking a question on a blog, it would be really nice if the blogger would acknowledge your question, I understand you may not have answer to the questions, but please say so. Also, everyone is giving teasers about this show, but still no answers anywhere. Disney did announce 2 new upcharge tickets, new dates for MNSSHP but no price…hmmm…bigger $$$$ oh and Christmas dates! ROL is less than a month away and no answers!!!! Not feeling the magic anymore!

  • Need to know when FP+ will be available…can’t really plan if there is nothing on the website…I will be very disappointed if I cannot get a FP for nighttime KS. It is frustrating…

  • Okay I am right there with every one else. Ready for Disney to stop teasing about ROL and the new night time experiences. I like most of the posters hear are well within our FP+ time lines for upcoming trips and we want to make plans to be in the Animal Kingdom for all that Disney has to offer but there are only teaser blurbs released. No show times or fast pass choice or dining packages- unless you count those fortunate few who are paying the extra charge to basically see it all first. Please Disney at least give us the new park schedule for May , June & July. I find it truly disturbing to see the park closing at 6 in May when it is open until 7 in March.

  • I am so excited to spend my birthday at Disney. I am so looking forward to all the new festivities at the Animal Kingdom.
    I hope the fast passes become available really soon…

  • It’s time for all shows like rivers of light to be visible to everyone like illuminations, it would certainly make the experience much more pleasurable

  • I am so excited to go to Animal Kingdom next month for my sons 5th birthday! I cannot wait to see all the new offerings!

  • Animal Kingdom is my favorite park! We spend multiple days there during our trips! We are very excited about all the new nighttime additions. However, without necessary information like FP+ and dining package release dates, updated park hours, the planning (which has been made a necessity) is not able to be completed. All we keep hearing is Keep checking the blog, and some of us are checking multiple times day and night. Please, release the vital information everyone is waiting for!

  • Yes. We are going in July and so anticipating when will they announce the Rivers of Light dining package Do they know if that’s a for sure thing?

  • I will be there in May and really would love to know if FP is going to available at that time?

  • Could you define “very soon” for me, please?

  • REALLY good days include information on ROL including FPs, dining packages, times for the shows, etc. We are 31 one days away from opening and there is not set information on how to make this part of our plans. We could REALLY use some information!

  • Beautiful sTARs in the sky at night & FEATHERS in the headresses and soothing fountains…

  • I would love to see Rivers of Light when we’re at WDW next month. It’s too bad that your soon may not come soon enough for those of us on the tail end of the planning process. Some feedback regarding the multiple requests for details would be fantastic!

  • So each post that has anything to do with the Animal Kingdom and the new nighttime experiences has received multiple comments back asking the same thing. When will the new Park Hours and schedules be posted? When will FP+ and ADR booking be available for April 22 and beyond? When will this information be shared – and please don’t say soon.

  • For those of us who have a trip scheduled for April, and have had all our carefully planned dining and fast past reservations done for weeks/months, can you please tell us exactly WHY this is being kept so secret? We’ve all followed with much anticipation the frequent announcements, and have been told continually by the reservation CMs to WATCH THE BLOG. The last several BLOG entries concerning AK have been telling us to STAY TURNED – DETAILS COMING SOON. Please, just let us finish planning our trips BEFORE leaving for our trips.

  • When will disney post the times for river of lights and what time the park will be open. I’d like to finalize my plans.

  • It would be a REALLY good day if they would open up fast pass and dining packages for River of Light. That would be a REALLY good day!

  • So each post that has anything to do with the Animal Kingdom and the new nighttime experiences has received multiple comments back asking the same thing. When will the new Park Hours and schedules be posted? When will FP+ and ADR booking be available for April 22 and beyond? We are all trying to just plan, but lack of firm details is making that both frustrating and impossible.”More on that soon” is not helpful in any way, shape or form to a frustrated group.

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