Joy and Sadness to Join Baymax in Newly Expanded Epcot Character Spot

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Epcot Character Spot, located in the heart of Future World at Epcot, is being expanded to give you an opportunity to meet even more of your Disney friends.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy are on hand in their cartoon clubhouse of the future, happy to take a break from creating their latest innovation to make new friends or welcome back old pals. Across the way, you can also step into a makeshift robotics workshop and spend time with Baymax, everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Big Hero 6.”

And beginning next month, Epcot Character Spot will provide direct access to Headquarters, where you can meet Joy and Sadness, two of the Emotions who help guide Riley through life in the Disney•Pixar film “Inside Out.” On the way to Headquarters, you’ll journey through Riley’s long-term memory, catching a glimpse of her Islands of Personality before joining Joy and Sadness at the console.

Epcot Character Spot is definitely shaping up to be a prime location for creating unforgettable memories with classic Disney characters. Who are you most looking forward to seeing?


  • Is there an update on when joy and sadness will be arriving?

  • I’m going to admit it – I was late to the Inside Out party – I just watched it last night on a plane! It is so good – as a mom, I laughed out loud, I teared up and thought it was such a smart movie! So, here is one more person who is excited to meet Joy and Sadness!

  • Will Baymax and Hiro ever have a spot at Disneyland? Maybe in the new Tomorrowland? It was so much fun to see them and Baymax is an incredible and fascinating thing to see.

  • Is there a date that they will be there starting in April? We are there April 1st and 2nd and my girls love Inside out and would love to meet them!

  • I’m glad they keep adding characters but I’m looking forward to seeing Mickey. I’m going for my birthday and of the 10 things on my must do list is getting a picture with Mickey Mouse. I realized one day I haven’t had a picture with Mickey since the 1980’s! I am long overdue. I wish Duffy was still at Epcot though :o(

    • Elaine – You should definitely make plans to go see Mickey at Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom. Meeting him there is extra magical! 🙂

  • Will they still be there in September? My 2yr old is stuck on this movie. But it’s sad cuz Big Hero 6 was the first movie she ever sat through she loves Baymax too. Also where is this character spot?

    • Melinda – Epcot Character Spot is in Future World, in the breezeway leading from the central fountain area toward The Land pavilion. And you should be in luck! Both Baymax and Joy & Sadness are new, daily additions to the Epcot character lineup.

  • Great news! Will it be one line for Joy, Sadness AND Baymax or separate lines? We are visiting April 2nd…will they be there starting April 1st?

    • Erin – They will be in the same general area, but are completely separate locations with separate queues.

  • “Epcot Character Spot is definitely shaping up to be a prime location”

    I agree it’s nice to see the new characters waking up the Epcot Character Spot–Which used to be just a hidden location (was that the bonus for Visa card holders?), but now is a fun reliable go-to for parents on an Epcot trip who don’t know where to find Mickey, Goofy or the World Showcase princesses.
    Putting new-generation characters in would really spark up the site, and get fans to beat a path to its door, but like Mickey’s “future clubhouse”, it has to have an Epcot feel to fit in with the Future World section– Baymax was the Future, and Inside Out represented Imagination, but you couldn’t really do that with Zootopia or Moana, could you?

  • I’m looking forward to meeting Sadness when we go in April. My family says I look and act like Sadness. 🙂

  • We are staying from April 6th through the 9th. Will they be there when we visit?

  • I took my kids to Disney World last year, where they met Baymax at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That was probably the most magical moment in their lives. They love Big Hero 6, and the experience of meeting Baymax will be with them forever.

    • That’s wonderful, Grant! So I take it they were satisfied with their care? 😉

  • Will Joy and Sadness be coming to the Disneyland Resort?

  • This is really exciting!

    I’m a CPA, and it’s currently the most hectic time of year.
    So my fiance and I are taking the 4 days after tax day (tax day is April 18th this year) off and staying at WDW. This is now the 2nd exciting thing announced in the last week to add to the list of things to look forward to!

  • Well, about time! 🙂 In retrospect, turns out the only reason Hiro had to leave the Studios, and J&S never showed up, was because the Studios couldn’t announce the Animation building’s closing, but we ended up thinking it was because of all sorts of reasons! (Maybe Sadness was bringing everyone down?)

    Like Baymax’s new spot, it’s nice that Epcot can fill in, but new characters are all about the Movies–They deserve to have their own spot at the Studios, when all the new construction is done.

  • So excited! Adding this to the itinerary for my November trip!

  • Hoping they come to DLR. 🙂

  • How about getting them and Baymax at Disneyland Resort? Please!

  • Does the FastPass for Epcot character spot include all characters there?

    • Melissa – A Fastpass+ selection for Epcot Character Spot still just applies to the original space where you can meet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.

  • This is amazing! My son will be so excited to see them for his 3rd birthday. He loves both of the movies.

  • Hope to see them in Disneyland soon 🙂

  • Any plans to have them come to the Disneyland Resort? I want to meet Joy and Sadness more than you can imagine!

  • So exciting! do you know when in April this will be opening? We go on April 6…

    • Tracy – We don’t have an exact date to share, but it should be early April, so you’re in luck!

  • Would love to see a joint meet and greet with Duffy and ShellieMay!!!

  • Any chance we’ll get to meet Joy and Sadness at DLR?

  • Hope we’ll be able to meet Joy and Sadness on our upcoming trip – our last day in the parks is on April 1st (keeping my fingers crossed!!)

  • Can you give us an idea of what week this will start? We are visiting Disney World in April and I am wondering if this Inside Out area will be open while we are there. Thank you.

  • So exciting! My younger daughter LOVES Baymax and she will be SO thrilled to see Joy and Sadness in the same place! Can’t wait!

  • Will there be a fastpass+ option to meet with Joy, Sadness, and Baymax?

    • Jimmie – Fastpass+ won’t be available for these new character locations, just for the original space with Mickey and his pals.

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