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More Details About Tiffins, the Newest Dining Experience At Walt Disney World Resort

The newest Walt Disney World table-service restaurant is part of the biggest expansion in the history of Disney’s Animal KingdomTiffins, in the park’s Discovery Island area, opens this summer with dishes inspired by the world travels of the park’s creators.

“Tiffin” is the Indian word for a lunchbox used by travelers (also a mid-day meal), and the 252-seat restaurant in the park’s Discovery Island area will open daily for lunch and dinner with menus that takes diners to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

A detailed map within the restaurant’s entryway sets the stage for an immersive dining experience celebrating world travel, with bold artwork derived from sketches, journals and research from those who created the theme park.

Finished Exterior Entrance at Tiffins at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

“Tiffins is the signature restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, celebrating the culture of design and research that went into creating this unique park,” said Emily O’Brien, Walt Disney Imagineering executive show producer for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

O’Brien describes the interior design as “a gallery you can dine in with artwork that is a direct result of travels to Africa, Asia and South America which influenced the design of the park.” The ideas of the park’s design team, including sketches, photography, architecture and textures, are all presented in a way that is uniquely Disney.

“All the senses are explored and turned into amazing works of art,” said O’Brien. “The galleries, or dining rooms, focus on Asia [Trek Gallery with 74 seats] and Africa [Safari Gallery with 64 seats], and the third [Grand Gallery with 114 seats] pays homage to animal species that the Disney Conservation Fund works to protect.”

Finished Nomad Lounge at Tiffins at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

The travel-inspired artwork includes a static, three-dimensional piece that features prayer flags blowing in the wind. “As our research team traveled up the high mountains of Nepal, the winds were strong,” explained O’Brien. “The prayer flags are rarely seen hanging, they are always blowing.” This portrayal of the motion is realistically captured in the display which will hang above a corner booth in the Trek Gallery.

“Tiffins is not about a make-believe place, it’s about real people and places,” said O’Brien.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is about the intrinsic value of nature, transformation through adventure and a personal call to action, and the adjacent Nomad Lounge brings into focus these core values. With beautiful waterfront views, the lounge focuses on storytelling, and also on guests’ travels, with large banners as “artistic representations” of answers to travel questions written on the perimeter wall. For instance, “what do you always do when traveling” or “what was your most adventurous moment?”

“We’re trying to tell the story of how guests can make a change,” said O’Brien. While the answers of Disney experts are displayed, guests also have the opportunity to purchase a tag that supports the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and to write their own answers to the questions to display above the bar– a way to share their own travel stories “so they can be a part of the story,” said O’Brien.

Up next: The inventive food and beverage menus for Tiffins and Nomad Lounge.


  • James’ wife here – looks and sounds amazing. Sadly, I think our 2016 trip will be too early to enjoy this incredible experience. All the more reason to start planning for our 2017 trip, one can never start too early when it comes to Disney!!


  • When will we see the menu? Will they take reservations? This looks like it will be amazing! So happy to see more dining options at AK!

  • We’ll be at animal kingdom on 5/22 and we can’t wait to see the new restaurant tiffin and the nighttime event. How do you get tickets(?) to sit in the amphitheater or do you have to get a reservation for tiffin?

  • Can’t wait for the information about the menu! I love the macaroni & cheese casseROLe at Skipper Canteen & am hoping to see something like that here. Disney DINING always has something new & exciting for us to try. Will there be a prix fixe or any other special PACKAGES?

  • It looks and sounds wonderful Pam! Can’t wait to try it out…in fact I’d love to be there for the launch!

    Erin – LoveDisneyRun – RacecationRunr – CulinaryMuseum

  • Is there a date yet? We’re waiting to plan a couple of meals for our May trip.

  • It looks lovely. Too bad it won’t be open in time for my trip at the end of April.

    Will Tiffins be offering any special dining packages when it opens?

  • I’m eager to see this new restairant, and I love how it really sounds like it belogs in the Animal Kingdom. I see an upcoming Blog is earmarked for menu discussions. Can we expect Blogs after that to detail the way TIFFINS fits intot he new nighttime events at AK? There are a lot of people eagerly awaiting that info and a lot, lot more. Turning AK into a full day park sounds amazing.

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