Reservations Open Today for New ‘World of Color’ Dessert Party at Disney California Adventure Park

Experience a delicious new way to watch “World of Color” — the perfect way to end a magical day at Disney California Adventure park. Beginning March 17, 2016, Paradise Park will host nightly sparkling dessert parties with reserved seating and a spectacular view of “World of Color – Celebrate!”

Relax at seated high-top tables while you enjoy a sweet and savory selection of desserts, elegantly plated on china. Desserts include a Dulce de Leche-filled cookie, Mickey Coconut Macaroon, a selection of fruit and artisanal cheese, just to name a few. Adults can indulge in sparkling wine, and sparkling cider will be available for guests under 21 years of age.

Cost is $79 per person, tax and gratuity included. Reservations are highly recommended, and are now open for dates beginning March 17. Make yours by visiting or calling 714-781-DINE.


  • Make it the original show, offer organic vegan desserts, and heck, I’ll give you $100 😉

  • Based on my excellent experience with the Fantasmic desert package, I have high hopes for this one. One question though, could you provide a little more detail regarding the location of the seating/viewing area?. Thanks!!!

    • The seating area for the Dessert Party is just to the left of the Carthay Circle viewing area, on the same level.

  • How will this affect the dinner packages? Will it boot Carthay Circle diners out of the prime viewing area?

    • Hi Erin, If you are facing the water, the seating area for the Dessert Party is just to the left of Carthay Circle viewing area, on the same level.

  • When does it end?

  • I agree, original world of colour was fantastic, we came over from the UK 3 times on holiday just to see it, but Winter Dreams is the worst! Where exactly do you sit for this dessert party?

  • 🙁

  • Where will the seating be to watch the show?

    • Yes, Dessert Party guests will sit at tables.

  • I agree with Mike, make it the original show and I’d pay for it! Until it changes I’ll be happy eating my sweet treats from one of the shops while walking past WOC 🙂

  • Hello. For anyone who may be interested, I called in to dining and was able to confirm there are no annual passholder discounts available, the price includes a single glass of sparkling wine and tables may be shared by multiple parties. There aren’t any details on where the viewing area will be. If anyone tries it out, it would be great to know if you feel its a good value or just a pricey dessert ; )

  • If the original World of Color came back, I would be throwing money at this. I’ve done the Fantasmic dessert party and wishes over in WDW and loved them both. Also heard great things about the symphony in the starts dessert party at studios. I can’t see myself spending money though to see world of color celebrate because the show is sub-par.

  • Thank you for clairifying with regards to the viewing area.

  • It sounds like this will be like the former Fantasmic dessert package in that you actually get to be seated while watching the show…is that correct?

    • Yes, guests who attend the World of Color Dessert Party will have seating for the show.

  • Make it the original show and I will give you all my money. Love NPH, but not a fan of the new WOC.

  • Will there be an annual pass discount offered?

  • Will the dessert party be offered every night?

    • Yes.

  • Hello. I just booked this for May. Do I need to purchase tickets for my children? I will be bringing a 2 year old and 1 year old. Thank you.

  • What exactly is included in the world of color dessert party package?

    • Hi Rafael, The World of Color Dessert Party includes reserved seating for World of Color – Celebrate!, a bread basket and cheese, beautifully plated desserts and beverages (sparkling wine and a specialty drink is available for adults in addition to coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks).

  • Is there an end date? I’m trying to make reservations for July, but the last date it’s showing is July 2nd.

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