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‘Rivers of Light’ Live Chat Set for March 8 at 1:15 p.m. EST

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

As we shared earlier, “Rivers of Light,” Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s first-ever night-time show – and this show is truly shaping up to be spectacular!


To learn more about the work going on behind the scenes at the show, we’ll host a #DisneyParksLIVE chat right here on the Disney Parks Blog on Tuesday, March 8 at 1:15 p.m. EST with two of the show’s creative team members, Michael Jung and Mark Renfrow. They’ll be ready and waiting to answer your questions about the show’s theming, storyline, technology, staging, music and much more. And of course, it wouldn’t be a #DisneyParksLIVE event without a surprise or two.

We’re already taking questions here in the comments section (and will continue to do so through live chat time on Tuesday). We’ll get to as many questions as possible during the chat, so please ask away!


  • Hi! Question! We are from Utah and planning a huge Trip to WDW March 27th 2017 – Will Pandora be open at that time? Or any parts of it?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I watched the Live Chat and it sounds amazing. Disappointed they gave no info as to whether FP will be available or dining packages. Is there going to be info on those some time soon?

  • It was great to hear all about the show in LIVE chat. I’m a little disappointed that there was no additional information on logistics as far as show times, FastPass, park hours,etc…. Hopefully this information will be released soon for those of us who are planning trips in April and have reservations and itineraries in the works!

  • Would be nice to actually hear the chat…nothing but crickets?

  • Is there a link for the actual chat?

  • Help, maybe I’m not doing this right. Can’t hear anything.

  • Can’t wait to get all the updated info.

  • What is the link to listen to the live chat?

  • Can’t wait for the chat. Besides the seating area that is currently under construction, what other viewing areas will be available? Will there be any reserved seating through dining packages? FastPass+ as well?

    What about exiting the park when the show is over. Will the crowd flow only be able to exit through the Oasis?


  • Very interested in any information about dining packages – the different options and pricing, and when they can be booked. Very excited for this and “night time” at Animal Kingdom in general

  • Since AK will stay open later as a result of this nighttime show, are there any additional and regular benefits we will see from the park being open in the evening? Nighttime safaris, a renewal of Harambe Nights, and which attractions can we expect to see open late? We really enjoy AK, but there never seems to be time to do everything within the park’s shortened hours.

  • We are so excited for the new Rivers of Light show. Animal Kingdom is our favorite park. When will park and show hours be updated for planning? Which viewing areas will offer the best view of the projections? My son has poor vision even with his glasses. It will help a lot if we can find an area where the projections are the least distorted. Many Thanks.

  • Since the show seating will take place in the Asia section of the park, will the show be Asian centric in terms of culture and design or will the show provide a holistic view of animals and cultures throughout the world?

  • We love Animal Kingdom and are very much looking forward to this show. I know great care is being taken to insure the wellbeing of all the animals with this (and other nighttime) expansion. I was wondering if Joe Rohde was involved in the River of Lights show and if so how? He is a hero of my daughter and mine for all his conservation efforts and bringing so much magic to Disney at Animal Kingdom, Aulani, and so much more.

  • Just walked by the video shoot in front of the Tree of Life and was told it was for the live blog chat, so exciting! I hope everyone enjoys the #DisneyParksLive chat about Rivers of Light with Michael Jung and Mark Renfrow. The show set looks amazing, I’m looking forward to the chat and ultimately this spectacular show at Animal Kingdom.

  • Hi, I have always loved that Animal Kingdom wasn’t a zoo and that the animals inside the park were more wild or natural that those at these zoos. The Cast Members always said that the park closed at sunset to help mimic the animals natural envioments. My questions to Michael Jung and Mark Renfrow are; 1.How will the animals react to this huge production? and 2. How will disney specicifcally make sure that the River of Light show will not inhibit the animals way of life after sunset?
    Thank you

  • Good morning I am legally blind, I am very interested to know if this is going to have any kind of voice description on the hand held devices or any other options for me and others.

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