Second Starbucks Location Coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort

Java lovers rejoice!

As we told you some time ago, a second Starbucks location is coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in 2016!

The new Starbucks will be located next to Disney Vacation Club on the west end of Downtown Disney District, near the Disneyland Hotel. We look forward to providing you another place to grab your favorite Starbucks beverages and food!


  • Jeanne- As far as I’m concerned, it’s no different than Disneyland selling Coca-Cola or Dreyer’s ice cream in the park. Objectively speaking, cooperate sponsorships have been a part of Disneyland since day one in 1955. Also, from what I understand, some people didn’t like the quality of Disney’s own coffee. I know that my sister thinks that Starbucks coffee is a lot better than what the Market House used to sell.

    And technically, the location in Main Street is *still* called Market House. That is still its name. It just now serves Starbucks coffee. Just like several locations in the park that serve Coca-Cola and Dreyer’s ice cream.

    (And the Starbucks coffee location in California Adventure is called Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical cafe.)

  • As much as Starbucks is popular, it truly is not Disney. I think it is just fine in Downtown Disney, but not Mainstreet USA in the Happiest Place on earth. We miss the Mainstreet Bakery and the DISNEY atmosphere. We like walking into the parks and feel the escape from corporate America though we know Disney does make some bucks from us. We just don’t need to see it from Starbucks like we see it from home. Did Disney decide they can’t make a good cup of Joe?

  • I collect Starbucks gift cards – does anyone know if the DisneyLand Starbucks have special Disney related Starbucks gift cards or are they the same as ones found at other Starbucks (those not at Disney). Also, is there an Sbux at DisneyWorld? We are hoping to make it there this year & I didn’t know whether to look forward to seeing an Sbux or not. Thx! ?

  • Love Starbucks but I wish you would bring a sushi bar back in like it was before Downtown Disney.

  • I’m guessing that this second one will be a kiosk location.

  • I avoid long lines by ordering my drink while I’m on the tram on the way to the parks. It’s ready and waiting for me once I arrive.

  • How about a local coffee shop instead that uses less processed ingredients? While I understand the appeal of Starbucks, it would be nice to see Disney look at some smaller and local places to support the community.

  • Earl of Sandwich never has a line when i go, then again i don’t go during feeding hours. i can see a smaller / more on-site location within the hotels areas but not a full sized 2nd location in DTD. they could benefit from having a ‘coffee/drip only’ kiosk that sells limited brewed or made to order drinks like they have on college campuses for quick coffees without all the extra fluff. Similar to Wetzel’s Pretzels and their 2nd location / kiosk that only has limited selections and offerings, or the 2nd California Churro kiosk on both the west and east ends of the district.

    a 2nd Sbux is an interesting choice though. But it’ll make money and be as full as ever.

  • How about providing more things to do in Downtown Disney? With House of Blues leaving soon, the only entertainment offering will be AMC Theaters.

    And please stop the Starbucks Invasion, instead come up with your own stuff and make it better than Starbucks.

  • Yeah, but… lines are lines. It’s Disneyland Resort. There are going to be lines. We aren’t getting a second Peter Pan ride because the original ride has lines. Lines come with the territory. Rainforest Café has terrible lines and waits at times, but we only have one of those. Earl of Sandwich has very long waits at times, and there is only one. I don’t know. It just seems odd to me to have 2 Starbucks in Downtown Disney — which is not that big — when we also have one in each park, and when Starbucks is so prolific to begin with. And, as Dino said, it would be nice to give another company a chance as well.

  • Probably putting in another one because the one their is always so busy.

  • If you’re wondering why, just check out the huge lines at the existing DTD location. A second one will help a lot.

  • I can’t be the only one wondering… why? Don’t get me wrong — I like Starbucks and I go there throughout the year. But why do we need two of them in Downtown Disney? We’ve already got one Starbucks in California Adventure and one in Disneyland. Downtown Disney is not so big that a second Starbucks is needed in that location. So many other restaurants or shops could have gone into that space.

  • How about adding more public bathrooms to Downtown Disney ? Those coffee drinkers are probably going to need more options after you fill them full of liquids.

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