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Show Your Attraction Team Spirit with March Magic 2016 Products

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Cheer on your favorite March Magic 2016 teams with limited release products created especially for the Disney Parks online store. From March 15 to April 10, we will release a series of 32 team shirts featuring Disney attraction logos created by Disney Design Group artists. These limited release Hanes Nano t-shirts will ship in 3-5 weeks once ordered (express shipping is not available). Look for a special promotion for these shirts – buy two shirts for $44.00 (plus tax).


In addition to shirts, guests will also find posters measuring approximately 24” by 30”. Posters will ship in 12-14 days once ordered. Select teams will also have products such as tote bags, blankets and mugs available in later rounds.


Here are the dates that the March Magic team items will be available on the Disney Parks online store at

  • March 15-24 – All 32 team shirts available online from Round 1.
  • March 24-29 – The 16 team shirts from Round 2 available online.
  • March 28-31 – Team shirts for remaining eight teams in Round 3 available online.
  • April 2-5 – Team shirts available online for final four teams in Round 4.
  • April 4-6 – Team shirts for two remaining teams available online.
  • April 5-10 – Team shirt for March Magic 2016 winner available online.

Disney March Magic 2016 Team Shirts

There were two teams that didn’t make the cut this year. We, however, loved the designs so much they became additional products for March Magic 2016. The Adventureland Dole Whip represents Disneyland Resort while the Adventureland Swirl is for Walt Disney World Resort. The image above shows how numbers will be printed on the backs of team shirts this year. The numbers will represent opening dates or other numbers of significance (think “999” for Gracey Manor Ghouls). If I wasn’t cheering for the Future World Phoenicians (Thank you!), I’d be voting for the happy little Orange Bird to go all the way.

To order these items, please visit

Starting March 15, you can vote for the ultimate Disney attraction at either Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California. Attraction match-ups will be posted on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Check back often to see how your team progresses throughout the tournament.


  • WHO WON???

  • Steven,
    Will the pins be the 2015 March Magic logos as originally announced, or the 2016 logos? Hopefully we’ll be able to at least order them through the shop Disney parks app. I couldn’t stop myself with these shirts, so I have 20 on order right now! And I’ve managed to collect 22 from last year, even though I missed the first round last year.

  • The Swirls and Dole Whips should’ve been in the Tournament anyway instead of the Caribbean Cannonballs and the Gracey Manor Ghouls.

    The Ghouls and Cannonballs already won the last two Tournaments and should be retired from it to allow the other attractions a chance at becoming champions. It would be extremely unfair to the other attractions if Mansion and Pirates were to be the two winners the Tournament were to ever have.

  • Is there going to be a California screamers shirt this year??

    • @Jason – Unfortunately, the California Screamers won’t be offered this year.

  • Will the Dole Whip shirt be available until the end since it isn’t in the official tourney? I just need to know if I’m okay waiting a few weeks to get that one in particular.

    • @Luke – The Dole Whip and Swirl shirts will be offered throughout the tournament.

  • Is there a way to get the Dreamfinders shirt in black instead of orange?

    • @Kevin – I wish I had better news for you. The only color offered for that shirt is orange.

  • As I have said before, these are such a great idea. This year, I ordered 4 different ones–and it was hard to narrow it down, at that. Thanks, Steven!

  • When are the March Magic Pins being released? Will they also be available on-line? Thank you

    • @Walter – I spoke with the pin team who said the Disneyland Resort mystery pin set will (Item number: 400000333564) is due to arrive in mid-to-late April. The mystery pin set for Walt Disney World Resort (Item number: 400000315409) will be released toward the end of May. I did not receive confirmation if they will be carried on-line.

  • These are great! Do they come in women’s cuts?

    • @Theresa – Glad you like them. We will only offer one style of shirt this year – Hanes Nano-T. There are no additional cuts.

  • Will these come in kids sizes? Would love to pick up a pair of shirts for my boys.

    • @David – Unfortunately, we will not be offering shirts for kids this year.

  • Any pullover hoodies in the plans?? !

    • @John – I’m not aware of any such items for March Magic this year.

  • This is very cute, but what is it? Who or what is determining the winner? I don’t understand.

  • I have monies!!! Please take my monies!!! (said in a Sweetums voice)

  • Whoever came up with the team names this year is a genius! They are amazing! I have always been such a HUGE Figment fan and the way they got Dreamfinder into that… LOVE!
    But the people mover shout out? And the Phoenicians? And the Dole whips even? And the Gears for Progress– that’s so clever! And the imagery is great, too!
    I NEVER comment on this stuff. Normally just read it all and keep my comments to myself, but this was TOO GOOD to keep my comments to myself! SO excited! I really hope there is a way to get the images in various forms! and not too limited release 🙁

    • @Dani – I’m delighted to read your comment. I’ll share your feedback with the design and merchandising teams. This was a lot of fun to pull together.

  • The March Magic teams get more fun every year! It makes it impossible to pick a single favorite. I think I’m going to go for a Walt original and root for the Gears!!

  • What is the price of the posters going to be?

    • @Michael – Posters will have a retail of $45.00 each. They measure 36” H x 24” W.

  • Thank goodness our Little Orange Bird made the reserve team!! I’m anxiously awaiting March 15th!

  • Great googly-moogly! These are amazing! Can’t wait to start March ORDERING Madness!

  • I wish there were other ways to vote than twitter or facebook.

  • Will these shirts be available in a women’s cut or just men’s?

    • @Roswitha – There will only be one style of shirt offered this year (as shown above). Each shirt is printed on a Hanes Nano-T.

  • Hi Steven! I recall from a post all the way back in December that there are going to be two mystery pin sets with the March Magic teams. I was wondering if the Disneyland teams will be available in Disney World and vice versa? I’m super excited for March Magic to begin!

    • @Nikko – They will be coming to Disney Parks this spring. Look for the Walt Disney World set (Item number: 400000315409) to be released at the end of May. The Disneyland Resort set (Item number: 400000333564) is planned to arrive in mid-to-late April.

  • Gotta have the Dreamfinders shirt and the poster!! Sure hope there will be additional Dreamfinders merchandise in later rounds! If it’s Figgie or Dreamfinder, I want it for my collection!! Thanks for the info Steven!!

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