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Style Happens Here – New Twenty Eight & Main Apparel for Spring 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

This month’s Style Happens Here article looks at new spring apparel from the Twenty Eight & Main collection. You might recall seeing details last fall about this collection created especially for distinguished gentlemen who love Disney Parks. Here is a round-up of several new items you’ll soon find in select merchandise shops at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

Nautilus and Lion Reaching for the Star Apparel

Fans of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction will be delighted to see a new Nautilus pocket t-shirt. We’ll also have a solid navy shirt with the Twenty Eight & Main lion logo which was inspired by the Disney family crest. The lion reaching for the star symbolizes Walt Disney reaching for his dreams.

I particularly liked the button down jacket with elbow patches. It’s the perfect item for created layered looks using other Twenty Eight & Main shirts.

Matterhorn Bobsleds, Jungle Cruise and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress Shirts

Other shirts will include nods to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the world famous Jungle Cruise and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. The Matterhorn shirt will be found at Disneyland Resort while the Carousel of Progress tee will be released at Walt Disney World Resort.

Twenty Eight & Main Boutique Apparel

Finally, guests visiting the Twenty Eight & Main Boutique in the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs Marketplace will find several new offerings this spring. One of my favorite shirts includes lines from a script originally read by Walter Cronkite for Spaceship Earth. It’s one of my favorite lines from this classic Epcot attraction (a close second is “Thank the Phoenicians” of course).

Guests should also look for a Jungle Cruise-inspired tank and a Raglan featuring the Main Street Magic Shop.

If you are active on social networks, I’d love to see your Twenty Eight & Main style. Just add #StyleHappensHere to your posts.


  • I’m so in love with the knit jacket/button down jacket! Are these items available at Disneyland Resort as well, or only at WDW and at DisneyStore?

  • Hi Steven. Is there any chance some of the older shirts will be re-issued? I’d love to get one of the Florida Project tee shirts from 2015.


  • Thanks Steven, I have seen the teal nautilus ragland and teal just isn’t my color :). I love the distressed shirts and the Heathered Poly – Cotton blend, please continue to make them, their is nothing I hate more than the Heavy Gildan Cotton T-Shirts that look like your wearing a square sack. Any chance we will see some new shirts with the old school WDI logo’s on them, or the WDW Globe Logo (Please 🙂 … )?

  • Please do ties! I would have loved to buy a tie for our Disney wedding, and the girls in our Disney brides group are always looking for them.

  • Steven, I love your posts and always look forward to them! We love the Twenty Eight & Main items, but I agree with the sizing issues others have mentioned. I’ve never seen 2xl shirts at the Co-op, but it could be because those are flying out the door first. These shirts run small, so perhaps those that need a true XL are buying the 2xls.

  • Steven, you rock when you respond! Thanks for really listening to your readers!

    • @James – Glad to respond. I enjoy meeting folks virtually through the Disney Parks Blog. The feedback is helpful for the teams I represent.

  • I agree with the earlier post. Why are the shirts not made with 100% cotton? The blended shirts feel cheap and thin, and this line of clothing is more expensive then regular park merchandise. With that being said its nice to see designs that are not Star Wars.

    • @Craig – We offer 100% cotton tees as well as tees that are cotton blends. The washed tees have polyester in them for extra softness and stretch. It also helps hold the washing technique. These styles were selected based on current market trends and the overall look of Twenty Eight & Main program.

  • The designs are great, but the sizing really does need to be addressed. I went to the shop in Disney Springs, and most of the shirts were not even available in a 2X. It would be great if they were offered in bigger sizes, but it is offensive to me that I can’t even get a 2X which to me seems like a fairly common size.

    • @Nicolas – We offer up to 2XL for select items currently. We will be offering up to 2XL in the Marketplace Co-Op later this spring. Next fall, look for sizes up to 3XL on select Twenty Eight & Main items.

  • Any chance any of the new shirts will be 100% cotton? It seems that there’s been an unfortunate trend recently that all the shirts have been that heather style with poly – cotton blends. Thanks.

    • @Betsy – We offer a mix of 100% cotton and cotton blend shirts in the assortment. The cotton blend shirts provide extra softness and stretch. The merchandising team looks to current popular market trends when designing select items. There are guests (like me) who love the feel of a shirt that is super soft (the three and a half drawers full of t-shirts at my home would agree – ha!).

  • Couldn’t agree more with Chuck! We need more business casual polos, particularly the Nike ones.

    Are there any new subtle Nike polo’s coming soon (park or hotel specific, including California)?

    Hoping since there was one released for Hollywood Studios that the other parks would be released too.

    • @Jonathan – I counted about 15 Polo-style shirts on the Disney Parks online store link I provided Chuck. I’m not aware of any additional Nike designs at this time.

  • Bumned that you placed the nautikus graphic at the back of the shirt? Are the clientelle that buys these shirts really stuck in the 80’s with the rear graphic? Love the line but this one missed the mark.

  • Some nice apparel… but still not work-friendly. Please consider business-casual attire (golf shirts, button downs, etc) something men can wear at work.

  • Finally stuff for men! I love the Casey’s Corner, Disneyland railroad shirts I bought on my last visit along with the Mr. Toad’s baseball cap. I bought the toiletries bag though Disneystore and now in May I will look for those! Men apparel had been neglected for a while and to see these more upscale products for us is simply awesome!

    • @Patrick – Glad to hear you like the collection. Safe travels for your next visit 🙂

  • Steven, I really have to appeal to the earlier comment. How would you feel if the very clothes you wanted to endorse because they looked so cool didn’t come in a size that fit you? There is no reason why there can’t be sizes to fit larger men.

    • @James – Thank you for your comment. I’ve shared your feedback with our merchandising team.

  • A request for the merch designers and deciders: I get that Twenty Eight & Main is a mens’ store, but could we please get some of these designs offered for women, even if through D-Street? Or even just nods to the attractions in womens’ attire in general? I would LOVE to have Carousel of Progress or Spaceship Earth attire, but mens’ shirts are not a flattering look for me.

    • @Joanna – Thank you for your feedback. I’ll share it with the merchandising teams. I believe you’ll see some additional Disney Parks-inspired designs released for the Disney Boutique collection.

  • I love the fantasy of the Jungle Cruise T-Shirt. Looks like that African Hippopotamus drifted downstream to the Mekong River in Asia. 😉

  • I agree with Patricia, I would love to purchase these awesome shirts but I need a bigger size. Luckily I’m trying to slim down a bit, but I’m still a tall guy and need a bigger shirt than normal.

  • Will these shirt be available for order at the Disney Store on-line? I’e got to have one of the “we wants the redhead” shirts!

    • @Tommy – The Redhead shirt will be released at the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs Marketplace this spring. At this time, I’m unsure if it will available on our Disney Parks online store or via the free Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

  • Any chance we can get the “9 Old Men” logo on a sweat shirt? I love the design just not the shirt it is on currently.

    • @Ken – I’m not aware of any such plans.

  • Steven love your posts. Can you tell me why Disney does not make these in 3 or 4XL? My husband would drop alot of cash if he could actually wear them.

    Also looking forward to more Epcot Flower and Garden unveilong as we will be there Thursday.

    • @Patricia – Thank you for your kind words. Extended sizing is available for select apparel items at Disney Parks. For the Twenty Eight & Main items, I believe sizes ranges from Small to 2XL. I’ve shared your feedback with the merchandising team for Twenty Eight & Main to let them know of your husband’s interest. Look for another article coming soon for about the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

  • Can I buy these shirts on the Disney Park shop app?

    • @Michael – These items are not currently available at Disney Parks (this is a sneak preview of things to come). Once released, you might be able to find select styles using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

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